Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photo Highlights of 2011!~Sunday Snapshot

2011 is coming to an end! Check out the photo highlights of this past year.

Last winter we were getting ready for a trip to China to meet our daughter Jolie.
We left the good ole USA for the first time in our lives for a 2 week journey.
We toured the Great Wall in the snow. The China traffic and frigid cold weather of Beijing took some getting used fact I don't think I'd ever get used to their traffic.
We met our new daughter who had never been apart from her foster family until she was handed to us...and she came to us wearing split pants...We soon learned to whistle while Jolie was on the potty.. that's how the Chinese encourage their little ones to go.
We met  bloggy friends adopting a friend of Jolie's.
Jolie and Em become friends.

Shek is a great big bro.
Everyone wants the remote.
Honey celebrates a birthday in April...we didn't have the correct candles so you must add them up to get her age...4+4 and then 5+1= 86
Easter/spring family photo
Shek and Jolie enjoy picking strawberries at the Strawberry Patch.
Karlie's PureFashion Show.
Summer picnic when school is out.
Ahh the lake!
Beach Vacation
 zachberrymusic places 3rd in the AtlantaFest2011 Talent Search.
Visiting with Dad at work...on a day when he works from home that is.
 Shek turns 10
 Zach turns 19, three days after Shek turns 10.
Family trip to the Braves game the day before Jolie's surgery.
Moments after coming out of surgery...heartbreaking to see her like this.

Zach's sophomore year at Point University
Karlie's new room arrangement
After 15 years of being members and serving at a great local church, we knew God was calling us out of our comfort zone. After much prayer we moved our membership to another church. Although its hard to leave  our old church,  we have enjoyed learning and growing our faith at our new church. It's always fun making new friends too. The above photo was taken on Youth Duct tape night  for church. Karlie enjoys her new youth group.
Soccer season came and went.
We took a trip to the mtns in the fall to get apples and see the leaves change. The leaves were not at their peak when we went, but soon the leaves around our home were the best I've ever seen.
Sweet photo of JOLIE

WHAT? Karlie celebrates her sweet 16

Karl and I were introduced to Advocare and love the products so much that we became distributors. We are having a giveway on JAN 1st Stop by and comment for a chance to win a box of Spark.
Guitar lessons...
Christmas Dance recital at HOME of FIne Arts
Christmas trolley ride to see the lights.
Christmas Day 2011

2011 has been a great year. We are thankful for God's blessings and provisions. It's been a year with lots of change, new church, new kid, lots of growth in our kids. Karlie started high school, Shek started guitar, Zach has 2 part time jobs plus college. We love that Jolie is a part of our family. She learns and grows more each day. 
God is good all the time. We thank Him for loving us and pray that He will love others through us as we seek to serve and please Him in the days ahead.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. What a blessed year you have had~ LOVE the recap!!! I know it was so wonderful reliving it all again. Blessings in 2012! can't wait to see the surprises God has in store this year!!! XO

  2. I loved seeing the recap in photos. :-)

    Even after 3 years in China, traffic still sometimes surprises me. Though I think what is craziest is seeing my husband drive like a local.

    Wishing you many blessings in 2012!


  3. Sarah... I can't imagine driving in China...does your hubby easily adapt back to US driving when he visits the states? Sometimes, here when traffic gets bad...I say pretend we're in china and lay on the horn!!!

  4. Martha, umm, he mostly adapts. Though there will be times he does something and our oldest pipes up from the back, "Dad! You can't do that! That was a China-move!" We have the running joke in our family who is the worst driver when we return stateside every summer. . . me when I get in the car in the US hasn't driven in a year. . . or Andy who drives in China. We'll just say its a toss-up.

  5. Ah that's funny about the China to US driving...I have back seat drivers all the time too !

  6. What an incredible year of blessings! :) Thank you for sharing! And I just love Karlie's sweet 16 b-day cake! :)

  7. Fun times! Love it!! I’m hosting a new photo challenge called Simply Silver Sunday. Hope you will stop by and enter. Please visitSimply Silver
    for details. Thanks! Happy New Year!

  8. LOVE your year in review! :) Great year!!! :)

  9. Oh my gracious- LOVE your 2011 recap! It looks like you had a tremendous year! Blessings and happieness for 2012! xoxo Brooke

  10. You had a busy year! Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter, and a blessed 2012.


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