Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is FANtasTic

For the 2nd year in a row I have not been involved in the Church musical. All other years since high school, I've participated, but this year it was good to sit back and just watch. Shek was in it this year, so I made sure to take photos. Because our pastor's favorite word is Fantastic, some of the staff did a little spoof video about it and shared it at the beginning of the show tonight. So I titled this blog, Christmas is Fantastic for that very reason. Here's some photos of tonight's was awesome! One of the best I've ever been to!
Simply Christmas was the title of the concert...
 Mark Hall sings.
 Dancing friends' daughter is on the left
 Our Pastor
 A techno Christmas...playing music on an ipad
Name that tune 
 Mrs. Dee sign language interpreter(she's also an instructor at HOME of FINE arts) ....Isn't sign language the most beautiful of all languages? It's so expressive.
The Preschool and Elementary Choirs sing 
 There's my Shek singing next to the girl, and his friend Christian on the other side.
 Mark Hall of Casting Crowns sings with the kids.
 see my boy...his eyes are peeking out over the blonde girl's head.
 The song they sang was so sweet

 I keep taking photos hoping to get more than just his eyes peeping out.
 He's there in the white shirt, but it's kind of a blur.
 An awesome jazz group played...Tim the drummer that played with them is also one of the instructors at HOME of Fine Arts
 He sounded like Kenny g.
 Staff and choir members sang a little number together
 He alone is worthy!
 The Adult Choir sings
 The strings...Andres at left, plays with the group...he is also an instructor at HOME of FINE arts

 Children dressed like shepherds, Mary and Joseph, etc...brought candles to light the manger as the Christmas story was told.

 There he is and you can see his whole self...not just his eyes! LOL
 Everyone sings
 On the big screen
 The finale
Christmas is fantastic! Jesus is FANtastic! It's a Fantastic time of year.

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