Friday, December 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Callaway Garden~Fantasy in Lights.

Sunday Snapshot

Yesterday the whole family headed down to the Pine Mountain Area to Callaway Gardens. Their light show is awesome, once you've seen those lights all other light shows fail in comparison. Callaway started this tradition back in 1992 when my oldest was 3months old and we went that very first year. The light scenes started out in 1992 with only 4 scenes and now there are 18 scenes, over 8 million lights and it stretches out over 5 miles. They start hanging the lights in September.  You can either ride the trolley or your car. We like the trolley best so we all piled in at 6pm, our appointed time. Instead of gifts this year, a trip to the light show was Honey's gift to the whole family ~ a great gift to me is time with the family making sweet memories.Shek and I snapped a few photos...mostly Shek did the photo taking...I even snapped some with the Iphone too.

 Zach, Honey, Gam and Pop
 Karlie is the only one looking at me
Me and my girls
 Shek and Karl

 toy soldiers
 The kids each picked out an ornament or a special something...Jolie has a 'thing' for nutcrackers so she loved this one. She calls him a quacker.

Zach got the  2011 Fantasy in Lights ornament

Karlie decided on a glittery green nutcracker...Shek couldn't tear himself away from the Auburn University Shades and I didn't snap a photo of those.
I tried to get a really sweet photo of all 4 kiddos in the Callaway Christmas Village...this was the best of the bunch. One day...I will get them all looking at me with beautiful smiles eyes open and everything and actually get the photo! LOL

We had a great family outing at Callaway Gardens and a nice supper at a family diner before hand. Thanks, Honey for an awesome Christmas trip!


  1. LOVE Callaway but never been to see the lights~ looks like a GRAND time!!! Merry Christmas sweet friend!!! XO

  2. Oh you've got to go to the lights, Sharon...they're awesome and well worth the trip.

  3. i like that Zack is looking at your little monkey!!!! Looks like a good way to spend the night!

  4. Looks like such a fun thing to do as a family!!!

  5. We have had to return to the nutcracker pictures several times! G has a thing for every nutcracker she sees, and finally got to see the real ballet this week! Looks like you had a fun time!

  6. What a wonderful family fun night! Love the lighted nutcrackers :)

  7. Looks like a fun day and great memories!


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