Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not a creature was stirring?

It's a Rainy Christmas Day late in the afternoon, not a creature is stirring because we're all tuckered out. I walk through the house and see piles of kids and at least one grownup napping where they sit, all except one that is...the one who got a Wii. He has been awake all day, bright eyed and bushy tailed and glued to the Wii...I guess tomorrow he finds out his Wii limits. Cause this all day playing on the's not happening everyday...but hey today is Christmas!

Here's some photo highlights of the day.
Jolie is no longer an early morning person. She is happiest if she can sleep till 9. Today, I got her up at 8 everyone else had been waiting for a while. She followed me to the bathroom crying this morning and then pointed back to her bed as we passed by it. She wanted to go back to bed and she wanted me to go too...This was her morning look when she greeted the others. 

This photos says...let's get this show on the road!
However, Jolie knew something was up with all the gifts under the tree and all, but she just didn't know what to expect at first...she soon caught on.
 There's the tree and the gifts on Christmas morning.
Shek sits among the gifts in his Christmas pjs.
Opening gifts. I look a little tired too, we all know that I am not a morning girl either.
Karlie sits next to Gam and Pop and checks out her perfume.
Karlie ~ such a pretty girl
 Jolie helps Zach unwrap while Honey looks on.
Karl unwraps an Auburn Birdhouse that Shek made him. Shek also made me a fish that spells Jesus.
 Jolie got a baby be blessed doll. I will do a post on it later to show the detail of the scripture and name patch. I hope she likes her doll as much as I do.
 Wonder what's in that bag?
Is it the long awaited, begged for Wii?
 A custom guitar pedal
Woo hoo
 When she saw the Fisher Price Barn she said, "Thank you, Mom!" When I hear this baby girl say thank you, mom or sing Jesus loves me and Mary did you know, and say Amen after we pray...My heart swells and I get choked up, knowing that she probably would not have learned about Jesus had she stayed in China....stepping on the soap box for a second...IF you're hearing the call for adoption, what are you waiting for? I am glad we listened to His call and I am so glad this child has a momma and daddy and I am glad it's us!
Zach was excited to get a shoot um up game for the Wii!

After the gifts we got ready to make lunch. I had high hopes of making Pioneer woman's Prime Rib. AND we did it! It took a little longer to cook than her recipe said it would but it was good. 

We took a family photo by the tree before Gam and pOp left. Honey is not in this photo because she left earlier.
Christmas 2011!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! LOVE the pic of Jolie sitting on Zach's lap before the gift opening started! Made me laugh out loud!! & the family pic by the tree- awesome!! (why won't my kids be that good?? look *and* smile at the camera?? unheard of!!!)
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Looks like everyone LOVED Christmas! Jolie's baby doll is precious...may need to order one for our little China princess! :)

  3. Looks like you all had a great day!!! Loved seeing all the gifts but mostly the precious smiles on everyone! Blessings and love! XO

  4. Looks like you all had a great day. I bought Baby be blessed babies for my girls too, but we are waiting for a later date to give them.


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