Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Signed ~ Sealed~ Delivered ...She's ours!

Jolie Elise Fan Wen Berry is officially ours! It was sealed today with our fingerprints on top of our signatures and her foot print. She decided to "like" me last night and goes  to each of us equally. It's been amazing...GOD continues to amaze me.

Last night, she actually wanted me and reached up for me to pick her up and would not go to Karl. tee he! She has continued to go to the bathroom for me even though I have put her in diapers...I wish I would have listened to Honey(my grandmom) and brought some pullups just in case...but alas I only have diapers. Jolie Wen Wen is patient with me as I take off her onesie, tights and leggins and then a diaper...then I 'whistle' and she goes....Honey said she didn't know I could whistle...Praise the Lord I can whistle a little bit!

She is such a sweet girl. She loves to play with the Karlie and Shek. She likes to draw~scribble with a pencil and paper. (Gam was glad to hear that one..maybe she will make cards with Gam.) She loves music...she should fit in to our household very well! lol....Anytime music comes through the loud speakers in the hotel or wherever...she bops her head and grins...She has a little phone that we brought her that sings La La La Elmo's world...and she  laughs and laughs when we sing that to her. We have a video of that...but the battery was going dead at the time so it's kind of in slow motion. When my 'techy' hubby gets through with his nap with Jolie..I will get him to help me upload the video.

We have been putting bows in her hair...(she's a southerner now got to have a big bow)...at first she didn't like it, but since there are mirrors everywhere in this hotel (elevator, and in the room) we would show her how pretty she looked. So today, when we saw our guide she pointed to her hairbow and said "mei mei"...which means beautiful in Chinese.( I remembered that from Sophie  Mei's name.) The orphanage people said that mei was one of the words she could say. She has been really proud of her bow. She's just a joy. I thank GOD that she seems content with us even though her world has been turned upside down. Keep praying! You guys just don't know how much your prayers and concern means to us! GOD is  good all the time...ALL the time GOD is good! HE is just amazing!
She was having a real big belly laugh here, while we waited for our turn to get our photo made, fingerprint, foot print and sign the documents...oh and answer a few questions.
Here's Karlie and Jolie. Karlie sends a big hello to Mrs. W. and all of her friends at NCCA. She looks forward to seeing y'all when she gets back!
Signed ~ Sealed
Delivered...She's ours!
Shek says he likes her a lot. He likes to dance around and make her laugh and she likes to draw with him. 
Eating breakfast! Last night, I feed her noodles with chicken and warmed milk. She seems to like her milk on the cooler side though. This morning she had a bowl of plain congee, a bite of my roll, and some dry cheerios. 
She is Stylin' her new bow. 
(No I am not using chopsticks...I am feeding Coca~Cola to Jolie with the 'dropper system straw method' Since cleft palette children can not suck I used the dropper straw method that I have used on all my kiddos when they were babes... She didn't want the 'bottle' I had packed in her bag...but she did like the coke!) Well, she's gonna be from Atlanta...so naturally she's gotta like Coke...but only occasionally! lol

The Authentic Chinese food is so different from our favorite China King down the road from our house. So we were excited when our guide told us where a McDonald's and a Pizza Hut were. It was in walking distance so we set out. We were hoping to find the Pizza Hut, because my Karlie has been missing her favorite food group...lol. So we set out and went into a store thinking that the store opened up into the rest of the mall. When we walked in we realized we were in a Best B*y type electronic store and it was not connected to a mall. So we went out the side exit, where we realized the walkway back to the sidewalk had been blocked off. AND we were meeting  a van of police(sort of like a swat team) who were getting out of their van and coming into the store where we were with their machine guns in hand. Hmmmm....needless to say we marched back in the way we came and went out the front door...spotted the McDonald's across the street...crossed the foot bridge and went inside to eat the best cheeseburger from mcdonald's we've ever had. We even branched out and got milkshakes too.
When we left the McD*nald's to head back to the hotel...Karlie spotted the Pizza Hut across the street...we'll have to venture out another time for that.
Nap Time!

We are having a great time getting to know Jolie Wen Wen! Keep on Prayin'!
Blessings to you all!


  1. So thankful!! Praise God from whom all blessing flow!! Glad you found McDonald and Pizza. I was praying that Karlie would be able to find her pizza!! Thank God that Jolie is ours offically!! and that she will love her family!! Great to see that laugh!! Love talking to you all!! Know Shek liked the SWAT people. Praying continually!! God is good!! and He is an on time God!! Love Mom and Pop

  2. She looks so content sitting in your lap. She looks so different from her other picture. She really is a beautiful little girl and is working the hair bow. :)

  3. Congratulations!

    Is that burger from McDonald's not the "best" ever?!?! (I am not normally a McD's fan, but they sure did taste good in China...better than the "local fare".) :)

  4. Congratulations to your family on the newest addition! Great photos...LOVE the bow. Cute outfit, too.

  5. Oh you spotted the Pizza Hut?!?!? You must share this information!!!

  6. Shannon and the EaglesMarch 2, 2011 at 12:18 AM

    She is so beautiful! God is so good an amazing! I am excited for you all that she is bonding so well with you. Be sure to get Karlie something from Pizza Hut (I wonder if it tastes the same in China :) ). She looks so cute and we are definitely praying. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.


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