Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I got the music in me!

We have discovered early on that Jolie loves music. Which really fits in with our bunch. Karl and Zach were listening to a  new cd rather loudly yesterday before supper...she sits in her little sit at the table and bops her head to the beat with a great big smile on her face. Also, yesterday, while Zach was practicing the piano, Jolie slipped into the study where he was all by herself and played on the piano too. After awhile she led him away from the piano and patted the chair. She wanted him to sit down in the chair and listen to her.

Zach taking a break to 'hear' his sister play on the keyboard.
A budding musician?
I got the music in me!
Such a  ham! Later she found the metronome on the piano and gave it to Zach. I guess her concert was over and it was time for him to get back to practicing.
This is Lightning!
As many  know, our beloved cat, Elvis, died while we were gone to China. Zach said it was one of the worst weeks of his life. He had midterms, 2 chorus concerts, his family was a zillion miles away and Elvis died all in the same week. Elvis never did like Lightning, the kitten that followed me and Melissa home from our walk one day about 6 months ago. So Lightning has lived outside. Lightning, originally named Lisa Marie, turned out to be a boy so he had to have a name change. He has had several names, but Lightning has stuck. He has always wanted to be inside and anytime anyone opens the door he runs in as fast as lightning...So yesterday, he had an appointment to be declawed and de---well, neutured. When I received his paperwork back yesterday, one page said he was a spayed female and the other said he was a neutered male. I called back to see which he was. They said they had typed it in wrong on one of the pages and that he was indeed a male. LOL 
Jolie was sneaking in for a kiss on the forehead from dad. I was not fast enough for the photo and it blurred.
Here we are dressed and ready to go to the doctor. Isn't she the cutest thing you've seen in a long time?

Today, we went to see an old friend, Dr Jattan-Cunningham. She was our pediatrician when the kids were younger. It was good to see her again. She is a wonderful Christian doctor. She thought Jolie was beautiful and had really bonded well with us in the short time we have had her. I told her it was an answer to prayer. I would have gotten a photo of them together, but Jolie had 5 shots today...and was probably not in the mood for a photo op! Maybe next time.

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