Friday, March 11, 2011

Home again Home again Jiggedy jig!

We are home again!!

Thanks for all your prayers! We prayed that she would travel well on the plane ride and she slept through almost all of it. Praise the Lord and Thanks to Him.

We arrived on time at ATL airport, but had to wait a while at immigration, and then go back through security. I didn't know we had to go back through security if we were coming home and had already been through numerous security checkpoints. The Atlanta airports' security was by far the most time consuming. AND of course someone in the family (and I am not mentioning any names) LOL had to put a bottle of water in Shek's backpack. So we had to step aside to have our bag checked and then I had to "open" the unopened bottle for the guy to do a test with a test strip to make sure it was just water. Then he kept saying this was for the baby, right? I wanted to say it says Korean air on the bottle...the airline gave it to us on the plane ....give me a break!? But, I guess you can't give anyone a break this day in time!

After getting her back in the baby carrier and finally making it to top of the escalator we were met by family and friends, holding signs and balloons. It was great to see some happy welcoming faces. A special thanks to my family: Gam, Pop, Honey, Zach and Caylene my friends, Lorene and her family and Shannon and her girls for meeting us. Y'all are the best!

After 2 weeks of riding everywhere with us in our laps, Jolie Wen Wen was not so thrilled with the carseat....and although she was probably really hungry...she melted down at Chick-fil-a...and continued to have a rough go of it until bedtime.

Please keep praying for us. She is doing well this morning...she slept til 5 am. which is pretty good considering all of the sleep she had on the way. Pray for her continued bonding and transition into her new home and with her older brother.

God has been faithful to take care of all the details...He is amazing. I thank GOD for being my God!

Photos later....blessings! She is wearing her USA flag sweater this morning. Pretty cute new American!


  1. YAY! Happy she traveled so well and praying she settles in quickly and happily.

  2. So thrilled.... thanks for reminding us to keep praying. Will do!!!

  3. Prayed for you all this week! Jolie Wen Wen is a very lucky Berry Baby! Your pictures with her in that blue kimono (?) were priceless as well as all of you with her. The weekend promises to be beautiful outside weather. Enjoy!
    Jo Anna Freeman


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