Monday, March 7, 2011

It's been a week?

A week ago today, Jolie Wen Wen was placed in my arms. She was not at all happy about it!
But Daddy seemed to calm her down. In fact, she warmed up to him easily...and gave me the stink eye for the 1st day.
By the 2nd day, I didn't get the stink eye any more. PTL!
We gave her a bath that first night, and she screamed through it! Every night she has done a little better with bathtime, last night she had fun playing in the water and actually sat down in the tub and played...wonder if the tv above the tub had anything to do with! I doubt it...she seemed to like the bubbles more than the tv noise. lol
Jolie thinks Dad is a pretty cool dude....the rest of us think so too!
We took Jolie's photo today next to the progression of Chinese women statue in Shamian Island. I am holding her hand....I didn't really stick her up there by

We shopped in Shamain Island today, We bought some shoes from Jenny's along with a few other items, and we stopped by Jordon's. Jenny said I had good taste... when we picked out our shoes...she also gave karlie and me a free bracelet of our choice. ..mine is supposed to mean happy family. I liked their shop a lot. I'll take that! Jordon greeted us on the sidewalk telling us he would make a 'free of charge' name of our baby. It's a nice calligraphy that he made. He also sells the Going Home Barbie doll that usually you can only have if you stay at the White Swan.
The Kids recreated this statue that is outside of Lucy's! We put her in the stroller today. She actually likes riding in it. I figure she rode in one a lot with her foster mom. However, I like the carrier the best. I think it is very important for bonding to have them up close to you as much as possible.
We bought this little china baby doll for Jolie at Jordon's!
Can you believe it's only been a week? Just as all our children are treasures from God, this baby girl is truly a special gift from GOD!


  1. Love the pictures!!! All my grandchildren are beautiful!!--and the best!! Can't believe it has been a week but then I know it has--looking forward to Thursday!! Continuing to pray and see the amazing presence of God!!
    Love Mom and Pop

  2. So SWEET! I think she gets more beautiful everyday! Still praying for you all.

  3. Aww... hard to believe it's already been a week and yet only a week. I think she has warmed up and become part of your family fairly easily from the look of things. I just can't help wondering what she is going to think of Zach when you guys get home with her. He is so much bigger than everyone. LOL Definitely need to have a camera ready for that introduction. :)


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