Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a Grand Ole Flag...

Today we had our Consulate Appointment. It was nice to see that good ole American flag today at the Consulate. It was nice to see US flags on the uniforms of the security guards. It was nice to talk to the American lady who talked to us all and then swore us in with the oath. Kind of a teary experience. She talked to us awhile. She liked Jolie's hat and bow. I think she thought our girl was the sweetest and cutest there...of course I am not biased or anything like that!  NO cameras were allowed so Shek took one on our way out to meet the group. Of course she has her cup in her mouth...lol but she looks super cute anyway!
We are all dressed and ready to go to the Consulate Appointment. She really likes her "new" cup that Daddy found her in one of the local shops and has it in her mouth in a lot of our photos.

This photo is for Honey! Doesn't she look cute in the outfit Honey made? We might need to add a ruffle to the shirt to make it a little longer...but other than that it's perfect fit.
Got to love those ruffles!

Yesterday we went to the Japanese Garden behind the hotel and took some photos. Jolie Wen Wen is wearing her brand new Squeaky shoes...she loves them...You should have seen her when she discovered they squeaked. She didn't want to take them off. She stamped her feet in her sock feet and no noise came...lol
She has discovered the 'squeaks' in her squeaky shoes and is really enjoying it in this photo.
Many adoptive parents have photos made on the red couch in the White Swan Hotel. Since we are staying at the Garden, which we love, love, love.... we improvised and took photos on our own couch in our room. 
Daddy and  Jolie checking out the Koi fish in the garden behind the hotel.
Sweet Baby Girl!
Sisters! Sisters! (makes me think of that song on The White Christmas movie)
Brotherly~sisterly love!
The garden is a great place for photos.
Karlie in the garden.
Shek in the garden.
Awwww! Daddy's girl...last night she fussed at dad while he was checking emails...she wanted him to come to bed! She wasn't satisfied till she was in the middle of us and he sang Jesus loves me to her.
Look at the happy girls!

All the official business is done...our guide picks up her visa tomorrow. We go on a boat ride down the Pearl River, of course not the same Pearl River that Karl grew up near. LoL. Tomorrow we go to the zoo. The next day we start home. 
Prayin' People keep praying...Pray especially for a safe trip home...and that we all travel well especially the baby. Pray that we get lots of rest on the flight over. God continues to amaze us. To Him be the glory forever and ever AMEN!


  1. We've missed seeing you around, but we're so glad you're enjoying your time here! We need to make sure and keep in touch for our little Wuhan girls who share the same birthday!

  2. These are great too!! Love seeing them all--can't wait to see the others. Ready to see you all in ATL!!Love you !! Mom and Pop

  3. Awww, I cried at Daddy singing his baby to sleep! So sweet. Still praying for safe travels!

  4. Martha: on the squeeky shoes, my granddaughter wore those and loved them also. There is a website www.anglecovers.org that sell them and the money goes to orphanages. They also have sandals. Just click on products when you get to the homepage.

    Debbie Crowe

  5. Debbie I couldn't resist checking out the shoe website - oh my goodness, all those ADORABLE shoes in all the different colors!!! Jolie might have to have a different pair for every day of the month! Very cute and appropriate "covers" for all the "angel" feet!! :)

    Marty Connerly


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