Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Karlie~Pure Fashion

My girl, Karlie, has been involved in a wonderful program this year called Pure Fashion. It is a faith-based program teaching girls purity in fashion as well as all aspects of life. You can learn more about the program here!
They meet once a month and have learned make-up tips, modest fashion guidelines, and many other wonderful things too many to list. In May, the girls will be in a fashion show fund raiser for Bert's Big Adventure.
Recently, the girls had a hair and make-up session at Siggers, then they had a professional model head shot done. Here's Karlie's! I think they turned out great...however, SIGH, my girl is almost grown, but she'll always be my baby...as all my children will always be my babies...whether they like it or not!

So if you want to see a wonderful fashion show of modestly, yet fashionable young ladies, let me know...we have tickets to sell! The show is in MAY!
She's wearing her China pearls here!
Remember! We've got a ticket with your name on it. Come on out and support these girls and the fundraiser they are working for Bert's Big Adventure!

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