Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~China adventure continues

We are really loving our stay in Guangzhou. Our guides are wonderful and fun. Please pray for one of our guides, last night, she had to have an appendix surgery.

There is  a wonderful Japanese Garden behind our hotel. It has a waterfall, stepping stones to a bridge, and Koi ponds through out. We took a few photos there yesterday, but plan to go back hopefully tomorrow afternoon and take some photos of the kids. We plan to take photos of Jolie in her authentic Chinese clothes.

Today we went shopping at a local mall. Rebecca, our guide took us to several spots and helped us with our purchase. She said the shoe store we were going to was a good quality store that she has shopped for her daughter. She said they do not have squeaky shoes there, those are sold on the island. She said Chinese do not like squeaky shoes because the live in small apartments and the constant squeak would be challenging to their nerves. We bought 2 very nice pairs of shoes for Jolie they are similar to stride rite shoes and they were 60 % off.  She is very proud of her pink shoes. She was walking holding our hands and starring at her feet. (I used to do that when I  was a little girl and would get a new pair). She has a pair of pink shoes and and pair of red sandals that are a little big so that she can grow into them.

This afternoon our 'doorbell' rang and it was a delivery from the manager....they sent us a box of chocolate in a wooden box and a thank you note. Very nice!
Shek and I couldn't resist trying a chocolate before I remembered that I ought to take a photo.
Here we are in the lobby...there's goldfish in the large bowl behind us.
Jolie Wen Wen loves the Koi in the Japanese garden.
Jolie is a good eater and not picky.
We went to the Jade market. We bought some jade for Jolie. It is a circle shape with a circle shaped hole in the middle. The guide says that Chinese people like to wear a circle shaped jade on a red cord because this means unity. Chinese people also like to wear jade when they get married. We plan to save this to give to Jolie when she is older.
We also went to the pearl market. Daddy-o bought Karlie a strand and me one too. The price was just too good to pass up. We got to pick out our clasp and mine has the Chinese characters meaning Long life and happiness. This lady strung our beads while we waited ...she was fast..Karl made a video of it too. It was amazing.

We had a fun day here in Guangzhou. Tomorrow we go back to Shamian Island for some fun sight seeing. Tuesday morning we go for our Consulate appointment. Keep on praying! 

Love and blessings to all!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. jealous jealous! That sounds like so much FUN!

  2. My teenaged daughter and I both bought jade bracelets from those two fellows. Glad you got a photo, I didn't think to and wished I had later. I recognized them immediately. We even went back without a guide later and tried to exchange one.

  3. Wow, she is so precious! So wonderful to see Jolie in her mama's arms!!


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