Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Busy Week~A Busy Day!

Shek and Jolie like to play outside. She especially likes it when Shek "rides" her around on his scooter.
A big brother is awesome when a shoe falls off!
Someone was supposed to be getting ready for a bath, but turned up missing while mom got the bath water ready! FOUND playing the piano with Zach!
Karlie loves M&M's; Jolie loves M&M's...sister friends forever!
Playing with chalk outside is awesome fun!
Watching the weather at Honey's!
Dad needs moral support while he works!
We discovered that this China doll loves Mexican food...especially the cheese dip...and the rice and chips weren't bad in her book either. I think Pedros is a keeper on Jolie's "eat-out" list.
 Emily has been sleeping with Jolie at night. Is it a wonder that "Emmie" is one of her new words! Jolie loves her new blanket that Ms. Linda and Mrs. Phyetta gave her.
It's been a busy day, a busy's time for bed!

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  1. Love it! She looks like she's settling in well. Avonlea loved all the pictures.


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