Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Jolie's 2nd Birthday

Wednesday was Jolie's  2nd birthday. We celebrated a little on the day, but had the family birthday party on Saturday. She loves flowers and balloons. So we made sure we had a flower cake and a few balloons.
Jolie soon started to realize that something special was going on, when the balloons came in the door. Then we started hanging decorations around the dining room, and Karlie started making a card, and then the grands showed up...she got excited.
Birthday decorations~ I usually do not go to a lot of extreme when having family birthday parties...and my "BIGS" asked...why the Publix cake...and balloons and all....I said...Jolie has never had a real birthday party before at least not with us. And when she was born...there was no happy pink balloons or bows hanging on her door or mailbox! My kids, said, OH, yeah! they all want a publix birthday cake for their next birthday too rather than a homemade one. Ok...I can do that!

Flower cake!

Checking out the birthday gifts, banner and cake with Shek.
Gam made this cute flower's a sunflower and the seeds are brown m&m's...those are my kind of seeds.

Karlie is always thoughtful and makes cards for everyone on special days!
When we sang Happy Birthday, I had to stop singing and let everyone else continue. I just could feel the emotion creeping up...and I was not going to lose it at her birthday party. I was thinking..this child may have never had a birthday cake before...this child was chosen by God to be a part of our family. I am glad we listened! I am glad we had room at our table...I am glad we felt that someone was missing...I am glad that someone was Jolie! I am glad and thankful that God put her in our lives.
Unwrapping gifts...Jolie took off each little piece very slowly...enjoying the process..
ooooooh a toy with buttons! YAH!
Jolie opened some Swanky Baby Vintage clothes that I ordered from jennifer's trunk show! Can't wait for her to wear it to church tomorrow! I know her orange flower will look good with too. She's going to try out Sunday School for the very first time too.
Jolie also has a new pink trike! Daddy put it together this morning while she took a nap...he was so afraid that she was going to wake up and catch him putting it together. But she didn' remained a surprise. We used to have a little red one that made it through all 3 of the big kids, but it had been backed over, repaired and backed over finally bit the Jolie gets a brand spanking new one and Pink to boot! BTW...just look at the precious girl on the trike and the cute man beside her...don't look at the pile of "stuff" in the garage..
Shek shows Jolie how to the hot boiling sun.

Jolie had a fun birthday party with the family...and some how I managed to only get shots of Jolie without the rest of the family...but they were there...just not in front of the camera.

Hope your first birthday with us was extra special, Jolie. Happy, Happy Birthday! We love you!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a special, fun birthday! Her very first at home!!! :) Happy Sunday...tomorrow! ;)

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!! It was lots of fun! Hope you enjoyed it has much as we did!! We love you too. Gam and Pop

  3. Happy birthday sweet Jolie!!! Looks like you had a beautiful celebration!!! Yay!!!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous birthday party for a precious little girl!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday! She is a cutie pie and the birthday card with the black M&M's....I think I'll make a similar birthday card but only add real sunflower seeds instead of the candy! Thanks for the idea/brainstorm spark!

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. She was obviously well celebrated.
    And I totally understand the emotion welling up at her first celebration with you!

  7. I am so glad you had that special day for your sweet baby : ) I LOVE it. The cake looks perfectly flowery! And the balloons are gorgeous.

  8. love the flower in her hair, and the cake looks amazing!

  9. Happy Birthday to your darling daughter.

    Love the cake!


  10. LOVE it. Nothing more special than those firsts together. First birthday, first bike, first cake. Such memories to treasure! Happy B'day to the beautiful girl.

  11. Happy 2nd Birthday Jolie! (:
    Birthday Wishes from Nebraska ~
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  12. how incredibly sweet! happy birthday jolie! so thankful she has such a loving family to call her own on this very special birthday. btw: love the pink trike! i think i may even be a bit jealous. ;)

  13. Beautiful Cake!! What a great party.Happy Birthday Jolie's


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