Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Shek likes to put on his swimming trunks and get outside and get sprayed with the water hose. So he begged to do this and for Jolie to get to do this too. SO we found the suits and off we went out to the driveway. Jolie likes to be in control of the hose....and she was even sneaky and sprayed those of us who were planning on only being bystanders, you know just watching....

The watchers....those wishing not to get wet....
Karlie is sitting near the hose...she had to move if she didn't want to get wet.
Look who has the hose!

Check out this sneaky expression...that's when she turned the hose on the innocent bystanders...
Karlie was sprayed at close range...she's in between laughing and crying...she is shocked so!

 Spraying Shek is so fun!
 My favorite splash photo...
 The pets made sure to get out the way of the sprayer.
 The water was creeping up on Emily!
Shek says...."Ok, it's my turn to spray!"

Splashing around this afternoon was fun...even if we bystanders got a little wet too!

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  1. Great pictures! Love little miss Jolie's sneaky look when she sprayed poor Karlie. Karlie looked so pretty & now it was all ruined by a sneaky baby sister. :)


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