Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Picnic in the park

This week the kids said, "Can we please go somewhere?" So we decided to go on a picnic at the park that we used to go to a lot when they were younger. The park has a nice walking trail and is shady and the picnic tables are really nice under the trees. And I knew Jolie would enjoy the playground. We dusted off the picnic basket, packed a lunch and off we went.

Picnic in the park
 Shek was bummed that a "workman" saw him unloading his scooter out of the truck and told us NO scooters fact at this park they don't allow bikes, no pets, no scooters, no getting close to the creek, no nothing...I was beginning to wonder if we could actually walk on the walking trail...
 We did enjoy our picnic lunch under the shade trees.
 Picnics are not complete without a coke and chips.
 Look! Proof that I was there...I'm usually on the other side of the camera.
Jolie has discovered that Chocolate pudding is pretty good stuff!
We decided to take a walk on their trail and head over to the playground. One large loop on their trail is equal to 1/2 mile. We saw many walkers taking advantage of this shady trail. BUT when we looked over to the playground area...
...the playground was it's place was a large sign so we went to read it. There was a large picture of the future playground equipment that is "coming soon"....But I am left thinking's JUNE, school is out...and there was no playground equipment at the local park...? what gives?
From now on...I'll stick to the Church track just around the corner...there's no playground there either, but there's plenty of picnic areas....geese and ducks to see...and Shek can get away with riding his scooter...and I feel safer there too....
BUT we still had fun in-spite of no playground.


  1. What a fun idea but NOT fun when the best part is missing~ so sorry. Glad you have the church area! We love having picnics too~ usually by the pool. Hope you all continue to enjoy your summer!!!

  2. What a nice cool day for it! Love the pudding pic =)
    If you head to the lake...


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