Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Finally! We got ourselves to the lake...usually by June we have been to the lake several times...but this year  our schedule has prevented us from getting there! BUT Karl has Wednesday-Friday off this week (for Atlanta Fest)...and our anniversary is tomorrow!

Today was Jolie's 1st lake and boat experience...I think she was really starting to like it!
For Karl's bday, I had the detail guy  wash and wax his was so nice to be riding in a shiny boat. Zach commented on how slick it was when he jumped off the front. Karl brought the tube, but by the time we got there it had it has some kind of major leak...we'll have to invest in a new one soon.
The guys were in the back...the girls were up front. 
Lake Jackson

Karlie and I like the front of the boat best...

 Don't know what Jolie thought at first...she wanted that bottle of milk though.
Karl is happiest on the boat at the lake.

Jolie and her movie star glasses!
The guys enjoyed cooling off in the lake...they were disappointed about the flat tube.

 Shek called "shotgun" on the boat!
Jolie liked talking to the guys while they swam.
 Still talking to the guys.
This guy has been more than ready to get in the lake!

Karlie wore her I love Jesus cap for a little while and it blew off. Zach wore his Auburn cap and it blew off too, But we retrieved both.

My girls! 

Spenser and Zach

 Shek drove the boat awhile and Zach did too.
 Jolie rode shotgun with Zach for awhile.
 Headed back to's Wednesday after all.
 Shek's dream boat~batman speed boat. We pass it everytime we go to the lake.
Jolie is pooped out after an afternoon at the lake. I am sure glad we went earlier today...because it sure is storming now.

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