Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can I please have my laptop back?

We are all having lap top withdrawals at our house. It seems that our "new" lap top has decided not to work. So for the past three days we have gone with out one. We've checking in with the world through our phones, and our dinosaur desktop BUT I have lots of photos to download and lots to write! I don't like being with out a laptop...but maybe I needed a few days on computer restriction!

I want my laptop back, Please! In good working order of course!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. I know the feeling. We were without ours for only two days and it was enough to make a person WILD! ;)

  2. Totally felt that way while at my parents' house last week! I don't have a "smart" phone, so I was really at a loss! It was so good to get back, but probably good to have a break too!

  3. Oh no! Mine just went out yesterday and my hubby's won't read my SD card. :( I'll be withdrawing with you. :( :)

  4. Love the pic! Too funny!

    Hope your laptop gets fixed soon.


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