Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend~ 2011

The kids were a little more cooperative about taking photographs on Father's Day than they were on Mother's Day! 

 When Gam and I grabbed the cameras after lunch for a group shot, Jolie got ready with her "cheese"...then she went and got her sister for a "cheese"...
 Then she got Shek to join in for a "cheese"...
 Then she went to the couch and said, "Zach come over here." (and it was in very southern drawl...even I don't say here as Heah!)...LOL
 So all the kids fell over in the floor for a photo...

 Outside in the bright sunshine we snapped a few photos of Karl with his kids, and Pop with his grands...There was a whole lot of squinting going on!

Jolie decided to give Karlie a "smacker" right when I snapped this photo!

Earlier in the weekend ZachBerryMusic placed 3rd in the AtlantaFest Talent Search! Praise God. Read more about it  on his blog here!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!


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