Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am still without a laptop...the only reason I can post today is that I can use Karl's work laptop at night. I just can't download all my photos that are patiently waiting on the camera onto Karl's work laptop. Karl talked with tech support and he has to send off my laptop for repair...ugh

This week marks Jolie's 4th month with us! Shek took a photo of us today with my phone. Jolie had to have Emily the dog in the photo.  She loves Em!

Jolie 4 months OURS~Seems like she's been here forever!

Here's a photo of both of us with know how you have to send in photos with both parents in every photo for the post placement reports? We have lots and I do mean lots of photos but, not necessarily with both parents and Jolie at the same know someone has to take the photo!

Jolie had her dentist appointment yesterday for the dental mold to be made for her surgery which is August 10. We have the best two dentists in the world. ...Jolie goes to the Cleft dentist at CHOA...super nice...and the rest of the fam goes to Dr. fact Shek had to go today to Dr. Nia to have a baby tooth removed. He was  a little loopy after the laughing gas...and as the doc said...Shek was still a little "stunned" when it was over...but he has recovered...and then started 'wheeler-dealing' with me. You see..he owes me he says...take my tooth and put it under your pillow and Dad can give you the cash and then we'll be even....
Some how I knew I'd never see that 4 bucks again!

Well...I'll blog again soon when ever I can borrow a laptop or get mine back, but until then I am still laptopless...and I don't like it!

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  1. Sorry about your computer!!! Hope it is back quickly!!! bless you little Jolie! Precious baby!!!


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