Saturday, July 2, 2011

Karlie and friends at 6flags

My oldest girl has been bored outta her gourd and wanted to do something! Her good friends Sandi and Skylar invited her to 6 flags and they went last week. The wait for rides during the week is not so bad...they even rode the mine train for what seemed like 20 straight rides without getting off because there was no one waiting in line.
6 flags over GA
Riding in those antique cars
Karlie had lots o fun with her friends at 6 flags...she even rode the mindbender...which I used to ride over and over when I was even younger than she is...she said she had a crick in her neck after that coaster.

Glad she had some fun with friends at 6 flags...and I am glad I got to stay at home in the A/C...


  1. I'm just happy we chose such a great day to go! Plenty of breezes to keep us cool and short lines and the girls are finally all old enough that I can sit relatively close and read while they are riding. :) Thanks for letting her go with us!

  2. Thanks for having her, Martie...and thanks for taking the photos...I hope you don't mind that I snagged them from Facebook! LOL


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