Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fun at the Beach

We are back home from a few days in Panama City Beach.  Everyone in the family said thath they could have stayed a couple of more days....but as we were eating our final lunch at the beach at Pineapple Willy's Pier, we saw some dark clouds and we over heard the waitresses discuss the weather report...RAIN for the next few days...and I heard it rained 3 days before we arrived...I think we hit it just right...PTL

 Jolie's first time in the pool...she started off on the steps.
 She was soon enjoying the pool...even though the water was cold.

Shek and Jolie play in the sand and try making a sand castle. Jolie's word she used when seeing the waves was always, "WOW"....and she has also started using thank you too. After 5 months of us modeling thank you over and over ....she's got it..and it just warms our hearts to hear it.
 Zach and Jolie swimming in the pool.

Say Cheese!
Well, I did want to take a 'before' photo of Jolie's cleft palate...when she throws her head back and laughs out loud, one can see her cleft very well.

Cute photo of some really sweet sisters
Here's a blast from the past photo of Karl and Zach...this was Zach's 1st Beach experience he was about 2 1/2 years old in this photo....
He's grown up a lot since that last photo...I need to find some blast from the past beach photos of Karlie and Shek...the one of Zach just happened to be in a frame and easy to find....I so need to organize and digitize my old that will be a JOB....but a job for another day.

 Jolie walking in the sand...
Shek wanted his photo made on the jet ski. These jet skis stay busy during the day...we sneaked a photo after hours...
The guys had fun at at the go-kart track.
Sharky's was a fun place to eat right on the beach. I had the shrimp scampi...and Karlie accidentally got a piece of fried oyster with her french fries and liked it so much that she ordered a oyster po-boy the next day...who'd a thought?

 You never know who or what you might see in PCB.
 Shek poses by a Boss Hogg car!
We were excited to find a Hawaiian shave icee place.. YUMMY 
On our last morning there we stopped at Ripley's believe it or not museum. 
 Karlie saw this "guy" earlier in the week and first she thought it was a real guy hanging off the sign but then saw that it was the Ripley's museum...
 Shek poses by this car covered in gold coins...let's just melt down the gold and help pay folks' social security checks...
 Tallest man...
 We thought she was real at first...
 Pineapple willy's...our favorite eating spot...I loved the sign about not feeding the Seagulls. In the mountains there are signs that say don't feed the the beach you see don't feed the seagulls...mainly...if it's seafood or keylime pie...I just want to feed, and my family too.
 Love that pretty blue water...and that pretty sweet boy.
 Onion ring tower...
 Karl and me at Ripleys..
 Jolie and her sand bucket
Do you like my hat?


 Shek and the boogie board
 Headed out in the deep...
Trying the boogie board
Do we have to go home?

The Beach was fun...can't believe school starts back in about 8 days...and even though we homeschool we try to stick to the county just makes life easier...but I don't want to start back. Can't we go back to the old schedule and start school the Friday before Labor day...then have a Monday off? Back in my day we went to school for half days for a week because of the Mississippi Summer heat...but that was back in the day of no air conditioner in the know back in the stone ages. I may not have walked 5 miles up hill in the snow to school, but I did go to school in the heat with no air and only a  red fan in the wall....

The Beach ....I want to go back!

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  1. A school with no A/C & only a red fan. Ugh! What a fun vacation! Looks like y'all had a blast.


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