Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making Freckles at the Beach

We started our trip to the beach yesterday....and made good time in spite of having to turn around once we got to the interstate because we forgot to grab the swimming suits out of the dryer. On the way, we were getting low on gas so we stop at a gas station that had a good price on gas...however, all the nozzles were covered up and they were out o' gas we traveled on..I told Karl that I ride it on empty till the gas gage is pointing way past the low fuel light. He was getting nervous, when we finally saw a sign for Texaco gas with gators. Gators? What? My curiosity was peeked. When we arrived we noticed a crowd of people behind the station looking over the fence so naturally we went too!
Karlie standing by the warning sign!
 Gator pals
 baby gator

How do you like those eyes starring at you? I'm glad there was a fence!
So getting gas and seeing gators...pretty cool, huh?
Our Condo...
The view from our balcony...
After driving 6 hours "hip to hip" in our truck we arrived. Karl even used the dirty words..."So now do you want a  mini-van?" NO...I don't want to own a mini van even if our family of 6 has to ride hip to
We ate at Pineapple Willy's on the pier. Z, K, and S got a t shirt..Jolie loved the sand bucket.
 Then we headed to the beach....
The girls walk on the beach. This is Jolie's first walk through the sand...
 All our kiddos...

 Let's frame it...aren't they the sweetest!
 There's me with a camera in each hand...
 Jolie has been an amazing traveler...she rode well for 6 hours...and has been excited about the ocean even sitting down and letting the waves creep up on her legs...she likes the sand too, but keeps wiping her face and getting it in her mouth and then she licks my shirt to get the sand least she doesn't like to eat I am told I did as a
Here's a photo for the China update...each photo must have BOTH parents and child at the same time...which is hard for me cause this momma always has the camera in her hand and is usually behind it.
Karlie walking on the beach.

 Running on the beach
 I should have put her swimming suit on...cause she got very wet..
 Shek having fun in the water...
 sitting in the water
Sisters running in the sunshine 
 Looking at the parasailer 
 Karlie acting silly
 Saw this boat outside the window
He flew right past our window.

 Shek messing around with the fish scale at the pier next door.
 Someone is getting tired...notice the security blanket and the bottle...we tried to get her ot let us at least put the blanket in the backpack...but she would not have in this Florida July she has her Mrs. Phyetta  blanket drapped around her neck. lol
Riding on brother's shoulders...she snagged his cap and has her blanket still wrapped around her like a scarf....We are having a blast...the boys are already at the pool...and I am missing photo I gotta go!


  1. LOVE IT! You just need one of those kids to be a shutterbug so they are always taking pictures too!

  2. Have a wonderful vacation and keep the photos coming!!!


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