Friday, July 29, 2011


Jolie had a pre-op appointment on Thursday afternoon. So I grabbed the camera and put it in my bag thinking that I would document the occasion, but the appointment went by so quick I didn't even think about the camera till I got home and had no photos.

We got to the Docs office on the Northside of Atlanta...I really like going to the Northside, it's like a really fun field trip. Karlie, Shek, and Gam went with me. We plugged in the address to our faithful "maggie" the GPS and off we went.

We walked in the door and they gave me lots of paperwork to complete...which I thought I had already done when  I met the Cleft team, but I guess the Doc's office needed their own copy too. Before I had it completed they called us back. So I get Jolie, her blanket, her bag, her milk and head to the back. As soon as her name is called and they open the door to the examining rooms Jolie turns on the waterworks. BUT when we got to the room, the PA had brought her a sticker of a pretty princess with long dark hair and brown eyes! SCORE!...Then the PA asked a lot of questions, and sketched out a drawing of how the Doc would do the surgery in Jolie's mouth...I asked some questions, signed some papers...and then it was time for the examination...
The PA said, "I'm going to listen to Mom's heart first." So she did...all the while, Jolie looking like, "What is this?" then the doc had me open wide and say ahhhh and then Jolie opened her mouth voluntarily...and no crying, screaming or tears during the exam. I told the PA..."Why don't all Docs do that?" Then it wouldn't be so traumatic. She said it usually worked, but not always....Then while I finished completing the paperwork, the PA said, Let's go get a lollipop and Jolie went with her to pick it out...she looked back at me, as if to say can I go without you...I said you can go, I have to finish this...AND she went and came back with 2 lollipops...a green one for her and a brown one for me!....LOL...THIS PA rocked!

 This photo shows just how cute Jolie looked at the Doc's office. Everywhere we went everyone told her how cute her flowers were in her hair. Her hair is long enough for some short pig tails. She always wants one when she sees her sis putting up her hair in a ponytail. Today, after her bath she let me put in two pigtails...and they lasted most of the day and she was quite proud of them too.
Countdown to Surgery
August 10th
She'll stay one or two nights in the hospital.
Please pray for her and us during this time.
Pray for a smooth perfect surgery with no complications, no infections, no holes appearing afterwards no problems. Pray that all the rough places will be made plain...and that we will stand AMAZED! 
To GOD be the GLORY!


  1. Wow! That WAS a wonderful PA! :) Praying for your sweet girl and will keep her and you all in our thoughts and prayers on August 10th! God will do wonders! :)

  2. What a precious baby and SO praying her surgery goes perfect and she recovers quickly!!!

  3. We are praying for the surgery and that all goes amazingly well! We are also praying for her to not be afraid. That was an awesome PA, we'll pray for one like her at all of her visits. Have a great weekend!

    Lots of Love,


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