Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Wednesday Adventure~ cause I sure needed one!

Yesterday I needed to get out of the house. And I have a few kiddos that are always up for an adventure. SO...we grabbed some lunch and decided to head to Atlantic Station.  Which totally shocked my kids that I would take us there by myself, but they were tickled with the prospect of going! I soon realized that my gps was not in my truck, but a quick call to my oldest revealed that he had it in his car. So I drove over to the church where he works and Shek grabbed it, and off we went. For those people who know me well, you know that driving in Atlanta is not my favorite thing to do. It stresses me out...all those lanes, big trucks, and fast cars make me nervous. BUT I was determined that we were going. The GPS didn't fail us and when she said "YOU have arrived!" We really had arrived and were not lost.

The baby slept through most of the adventure. She never has liked elevators and had been up and down elevators about 5 times while she was asleep. When she woke up on an elevator she started whimpering and shaking. She has done that on elevators since the day she joined our family in Wuhan.

We really liked Atlantic Station but didn't stay long...we wanted to be back to our car under 2 hours so we would not have to pay for parking...hey if I'm going to spend money can't I spend it on something good, like clothes?

My goal was to find some cute clothes for a beach photo. I wanted color coordinating clothes for the family. And I found some really cute things...although I have nothing cute yet nor Karl. But the kids do! I've already warned the kids that we ARE having a family beach photo... and we are taking the tripod...and they all had better take their good attitudes and smiling faces because my goal is to get several really good and frameable photos. I want one of them to BE so awesome that we can enlarge it HUGE and place it over the fireplace. Maybe I can find a photoshop that takes off a few pounds...I hear there's one of those out there...I just don't own it...yet!  So prayer warriors, UNITE! Pray for an awesome family photo, kid photo and individual photos of the kids...pray for good attitudes not only during the picture taking, but forever!
Here's Karlie posing like the manikins..
WE are headed back to Atlantic Station soon...afterall, I am a grown girl..I can drive in Atlanta as long as I have a GPS and a positive attitude. You know driving in rush hour is not sooo bad...everyone is at least moving slow rather than 90mph!

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