Monday, July 11, 2011


We decided to go to the zoo today, because tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer.  SO we went today...I think today might have been a close 2nd for the hottest. We had lots of fun checking out the zoo. Gam said that she last went to the zoo when shek was a little baby. Pop said he had not been since the '60's or '70's...I think it was a good day to go re-visit the animals.

Karlie and Zach sit in the feet massage chairs...before we ever get started.
Shek said that Flamingos were one of his favorites...and today, I thought, "WOW, they don't even smell today, but then the wind turned and, yep, they still smell.
 Jolie is trying to feed the parakeets...
Zach could reach up really high and feed the birds.
Here's a birdy eating off the feedstick.
All four looking at the wart hog...hakuna matata...
Pop and Karlie
a quick pose in the meerkat display board
This little fellow was really taking it easy!
 Karlie's favorite is the zebra.
Jolie wore her giraffe outfit today, to impress the giraffes! LOL
 I wore brown too, but I was not all decked out in Giraffe print like Jolie was! But I know the giraffes were impressed anyway!
My crew...they all look thrilled? or is just HOT!

 Posing on the baby giraffe!
Shek stuck his head in the lion face for a quick photo, when along came a little random girl who stuck her head in the front toward his face...I asked if she kissed him or something...he said, "NO! I got outta her way!"
 The lion was sleeping on the rock and then all of the sudden he started to roar...he jumped down and found a place in the shade for a nap.
Jolie posing!
 I loved this expression!
The gorillas were "ripe"today....on more than one occasion...we each thought the sweat had got the best of us and that our deo had failed us, but decided it must have been the Gorillas because we didn't smell that particular odor anywhere else!
 A cute little chipmunk in the Gorilla habitat!
 Karlie says, Look it's a statue of Wille B.
 Shek on Willie B. I have photos of all the kids at various ages on this statue...I just wonder where those photos are...because they aren't digital!
 Zach strutting!
Jolie was afraid of the statues so I sat with her...we all look so thrilled!
Shek...I tried to have them pose together, but they got in an argument!
A big bird....
The pandas were very active today!
Shek took this photo of the panda! He got to see him up close and personal!
shek and the panda
We snapped our photo outside the panda house because we wanted Jolie's photo with the Chinese writing. I hit the I am feeling Lucky button in Picasa Photo Shop, but there was not a button that says Make me look good, skinny, and unsweaty! If there were such a button I would have punched it!
Jolie liked riding on Zach's shoulders and by the end of our time at the zoo...she had snagged his Auburn cap too.
The petting zoo was a hit!
These goats were fun to pet !
Shek was petting the goat that is closest to Shek...The one standing that has such a proud look on her face jumped up on the table by Shek and scared him out of his skin. That little goat wanted a little love too!
Jolie is giving this goat the eye!
I'm hot, momma!
Shek likes the rock climbing walls. So on our way out, instead of riding the train or carosel, we watched him climb the wall. If you're my friend on facebook there's two cute little videos of the event.
Almost to the top!
We were all cheering Shek on...Here's Gam Pop and Jolie watching Shek climb to the top. Jolie was screaming Shek's name as he went to the top.
Jolie had to hug his neck when he was safely on the ground.
We headed to the parking lot for a little picnic~tailgate style! 
Shek found a makeshift tailgate in the back of Zach's trunk!
Zach said, "Either I am really, really hungry or this is the best sandwich I have ever had!" It was a good sandwich, but we were all pretty hungry.
Jolie enjoyed her ham!

It was a fun day at the ZooAtlanta! I am glad we all got to's just too bad that Karl couldn't go, but he had to go to work!

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  1. Y'all are SO brave to hit the zoo in such hot weather~ we were dying sitting by the pool. LOVE all your photos and definitely looks like you all had a great time! Could you email me so I can answer your comment on my blog. I can't reply to you.


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