Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Boo hoo...summer is going, going gone!

Summer is gone...where did it go? My kids start back tomorrow. We homeschool, but adhere to the county calendar because my kiddos take several classes out and it just makes life easier. During this whirlwind of a summer vacation what did we do:
1: We watched a lot of I love Lucy...seems my kids just discovered this wonderful classic.
2. We went to Atlanta Fest in June...and watched my oldest and his band take 3rd place in the talent search.
3. The bigs went to Church camp
4. We went to the beach.
5. Karl and I celebrated of 21 anniversary.
6. Jolie turned 2, we had our post placement visit to return to China by month 6...we recently reached 5 mo. with Jolie.
7.We went to several doctor appointments to get ready for Jolie's big cleft palate repair
8. Karlie studied and studied and studied and got her driver's learner permit.. Seems like we have watched a lot of youngest son is a HUGE fan
9. We went to the lake a few times...but not enough
10. We went to the zoo
11. We went to Stone Mountain on July 4th for the laser show and fireworks
12 AND we've bought School supplies.
There's been a lot more stuff I guess...but I am not quite ready for school to go back can we wait till September?
Fun watching Zach at Atlanta Fest
Fun at the beach

Fun at Stone Mountain
Fun at the Lake
Fun at the zoo
Fun tailgating with the Grands at the zoo
Fun with Jolie on her 2nd birthday
Lunch with friends
Fun with dad on the new birthday trike
Picnic in the park with a little 'walking for exercise' thrown in
The lake is a favorite fun place for us
Splashing fun
Fun with friends at 6 flags
Fun with all the grands
Fun in a pool
Summer, please don't run away! 

Sunday Snapshot


  1. What a full, fun Summer!! I can't believe August is here (tomorrow). We are not quite ready for homeschool to start..
    Here from Sunday Snapshot.

  2. Oh I know! Summer is almost over. Boo. :( But I gotta say that here in KS we're ready for some cooler weather! Gracious sakes! Months of over 102 is crazy! :) Glad you had a great summer!!!

  3. Whoa! August 1? Teachers here go back to work on the 18th and the students join us on the 25th. Our state law won't allow school to start before then. Happy first day of school! Hope all went well!

  4. You guys have had a busy, amazing summer!!

  5. I'd say you had an awesome summer!!! Yay!!! :)


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