Monday, August 1, 2011

Berry Home School is now in session

Today we started back to school. That 630 am alarm came around a little too early this morning, so the snooze button was hit, but only once. I wanted to get a head start out the door before the road out front became a parking lot. Karlie had one class across town ...I wanted to beat the traffic...which I did. But on the way back, it was a different story. The road in front of my house was a parking was a pain to see the house and be so close the driveway, yet so far away. I finally made it back in, made breakfast for the remaining kids, and then started Shek on his assignments, when POOF it was soon time to head back to get Karlie from her morning class. We jumped in the car to pick up Karlie, came home, and she started on her geography homework.  Shek and I finished up his assignments, had lunch and then Karlie started on her at home classes after lunch....I am pooped...can someone say nap time! Can someone tell Jolie that naptime is now not this morning. lol

Berry Home School is now in session! How many days till Fall break?...LOL


  1. I am WITH you on 6:30 coming a little too erly for my taste :) happy Homeschooling!


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