Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black and White~Wings Wednesday

WiNgS WeDnEsDaY!
gOoD to the Last BiTe!

It's Wednesday, and I had not thawed any meat for I grabbed some wings just down the road at the shack!When Jolie first came home she would eat everything, but lately she's become not really picky, but a little more selective.

 We knew that she likes chicken, but we recently discovered that she loves wings. Tonight THE Shack was running a special...for every 10 you buy you get 5 I brought home a pan full....and the family devoured them, all except Karlie...she had pizza! LOL

 Jolie kept wanting "mowerrr" There was  one left and Karl was going to give it to the dog, but Jolie said," NO!!!" From the photo above, you can see who ate the very last one! Baby Girl Loves some wings!

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  1. My two China Chicks LOVE chicken too~ especially chicken legs. :) Darling photos!!! Blessings!


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