Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet "Mine"

Meet "Mine"!

 "Mine" is the name of Jolie's favorite blanket; she named it Mine.
She will say, "Where is Mine?" and we had better know where it is or start an all out hunt to find it. She carries it everywhere with her. She kind of looks like Linus as it drags the ground behind her.

 "Mine" was given to her by Ms. Linda and her mom, Mrs Phyetta, who made Jolie's beloved blanket. "Mine is a light pink crocheted baby blanket with teddy bear designs in it.  When Ms. Linda gave it to her, Jolie  gasped, smiled, and hugged it to her.

 "Mine" has been to the lake, the zoo, and to the beach and everywhere in between. I would not let her take it on the beach although she was determined it was going. I said it will get sand in it and handed her a beach towel to carry and she was content, that time. But when we got back to the room, "Mine" had to go to the dock and to the restaurant.

 "Mine" has also been to Stone Mountain, Atlanta Fest, church, Sunday School, the name it "Mine" has been there. While dragging her blanket around  Linus-style she walked through the grass and picked up lots of dry grass. It had to get washed after that. We had to be sneaky to get "Mine" for the wash Jolie didn't sleep well that night because it was drying...and she needed it.
Karlie, Shek, Jolie pose in the kitchen with "Mine".
On vacation, Jolie was determined to take Mine to the Dock since I wouldn't let her take it on the sandy beach. Even when she is dripping with sweat, she has "Mine" with her. 
This photo was taken while we were in's hot and Jolie has "Mine" draped around her like a scarf riding on her brother's shoulders. 

Next Wednesday, Jolie has her BIG surgery, I know that "Mine" will need to go too...but "Mine" is so dirty. I have not had a chance to sneak it away for another washing. I will need to soon, preferably during the day because she sleeps better if it's nearby.

I think she is so cute with her blanket. I am so thankful that Mrs. Phyetta made it for Jolie...I know Jolie is glad..thanks again to my precious sisters in Christ for making and giving this little treasure to Jolie.


  1. I love Mine. A little girl's best friend. You should write a children's book about Mine & its journey with Jolie. I'd buy it!

  2. I would also buy a children's book about "Mine," how very precious! I just love following your blog, Martha. My niece (who's now in her 20s) also had a blankie, she named it White-white, and everybody knew what "White-white" was. (I think it eventually may have fallen apart, I'm not sure.) I used to sew clothes and even pajamas for her when she was a little girl. I also crocheted her a multi-colored baby blanket with pom-poms on it. Your blog brings back sweet memories! :)

    Marty Connerly

  3. I love the name "Mine." And the bears crocheted in it are just darling. We have a yellow blanket and a bear named Bubby that have been constant companions for 7.5 years now. At least now they stay at home on her bed. They used to have to go to day care every day and come home every night! And giving them a bath...the parting was hard, but the reunion was so sweet.


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