Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Photos on the wall make a difference

I love taking photos and have lots of my kids. I have made lots of photos of Jolie since she has been home. She has been photographed so much that she now gives a cheesy grin everytime I lift up my phone or camera. The below photo was snapped just two months home. I took her photo in her Easter dresses on the stairs. I have photos of all the kids on these same steps. In this photo, she looked at the wall next to her and from the look in her eyes I can tell she is thinking where's my photo. The wall she is looking at has photos of the kids as babies with either me, or Karl, but at that time I had not gotten one of her included. After looking at that photo I knew I needed to get busy. 

The photo below hangs on the wall by the stairs...Jolie loves to see herself on the wall with the other kid/parent photos, and points at herself everytime she passes by it.

We took lots of family photos and made a collage and hung them in the kitchen. My mom snapped the two photos above.  We could tell that having her photos on the wall meant a lot. I had her China photos around the house, but I don't think she had really realized those photos were really her.

When we went to the beach a month ago, we had the "beach family photo" made. I've always wanted one of those and I've always wanted it HUGE size. Several of you saw from a previous post which ones we were choosing from for the BIG wall photo.

We ordered it and it finally came in...
 When I went into Sam's the box was HUGE and had to ride in the back of the pickup!
 Here's Karl opening the box
 Wow...we're so life size! lol
 Propped up on the mantle.
 Time for the ladder
It's always good to have a few helpers.
Jolie really liked "helping"...

Hanging it up!

Even though I have new  5x7's and 8x10's  family photos scattered around the house...the large family photo with Jolie in it...has really made an impression on has made a good if you're adopting soon...get a large family photo on the wall as soon as you can!

This morning when Jolie woke up she came into the living room and crawled up on the couch and sat by me and looked up at the big family photo....she pointed and said, "ME" she pronounces it ME-ah...I said yes that's you...then she pointed out everyone else by name and smiled....

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  1. Great family picture! Love Jolie trying to climb up the ladder! :)

  2. Great picture. We did the same thing last fall. We needed a new, and we call it last, family picture since we added Adam. He is our last addition so we went all out and ordered the big one for the living room.
    It is important to them!

  3. A great photo and what a precious story of God's love for us and His children!!! LOVE that Jolie feels and is so loved~ blessings to you all!

  4. Aren't little ones so intuitive! They notice things we don't realize they do. And I think pictures that include the "newest addition" really do help them feel more secure. Beautiful family photo!


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