Monday, August 8, 2011


On Friday, as I was walking off the walking track my phone rang. I thought it was a telemarketer and I was really getting ready to tell her I was not interested in whatever she had to say. She just had that telemarketer tone and when she started off with, "MIZZZZ Berry, we have some bad news....I thought what?

She proceeded to tell me that the ENT scheduled to place one tube in one of Jolie's ears would be unavailable to do it on our scheduled surgery date...I said, Fine send another one. She said she would but because our surgery has to be on Wednesday due to the dental retainer thing that has to be inserted, that there were no available ENTs for that day...

I'm thinking you wait this late in the game to figure it out....we have already arranged days off (well at least Karl has)...we've already started juggling our schedules around. .....UGH would not even define how frustrated I was. She said I will give you a few moments to decide and call you back...

What's to decide....You can't do it when you said...what now?...but of course, my manners and sweet disposition and  all kept me in check.  I didn't say how I really Pioneer Women often quotes Nicholson ...(THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH)...

SO our choices that I discussed with Karl after I got home were ...keep the same surgery date....and do the tubes later.. which would mean 2 surgeries, more pre-op visits...more $$$ so we said no reschedule it. She said it'll have to be September. I said if you're going to do it in September, can it please be during Fall Break. I thought at least that way I don't have to worry about NCC homework, HOME of FINE arts classes, other school work or carting everyone around...because....everything stops for that week.  She finally called back with the new date and it was during Fall Break. SO for that I am very thankful!

GOD does have a plan...and all things work out for our good if we are called according to HIS purpose.

So prayer warriors keep on praying for Jolie's upcoming cleft palate repair, ear tube surgery that will take place on Wednesday September 14....time of day I don't know...pray it's early cause Jolie likes her milk first thing...and to tell her NO MILK may not go over well and we will all need some prayers of grace and such for that one.

Have a great week...fall break it's coming up soon, right?

Jolie says, " Don't be messin' with my surgery date anymore...we want to get this thing over and done!" 


  1. LOL!!! That picture is FABULOUS with the caption!! So sorry they had to re-schedule, but there's always a good reason (as you quoted in Romans 8:28!). I know it's frustrating to wait... Prayers for everyone's patience and cheerfulness and calm, and for the RIGHT time of the morning for the surgery to be scheduled. The Lord knows your needs and will honor them. :)

    Marty Connerly

  2. I am sure hoping it is early and agree with Jolie~ let's just get it done! What a doll!!! XO


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