Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday snapshot~Pop's bday

Today is Pop's birthday. After church they came by for lunch. Here's a few photos of the celebrations.
 Karlie usually bakes everyone's birthday cake, but we were in Sam's last night and I said let's just pick out she picked this one. Jolie was pointing to a pink one, but she did get excited that "_ake" made it in the buggy. Today I took it out of the cake package and placed it on the pretty white cake stand that Honey gave me. I placed it on the side board in the dining room and went back to the a little while Jolie steps into the kitchen and opens her mouth showing me that she had peeled off a blue fondant dot and was enjoying it! So change of plans ....had to move the cake to the kitchen counter. She wanted to eat all the fondant dots off of everyone's slice. She did have her fair share. lol
 Here's Pop.
 The family...I'm behind the camera and all you can see of Karl is his arms. We had just finished eating steak, PW potato skins, Karl's squash, rolls and green tea...we have cleared off the dishes and everyone is ready for "_ake" and ice cream.
Shek is the official birthday candle lighter.
Pop is  really older than three...but we only put three candles on the cake.
Pop with some of his grands.
 Pop with some of his grands and one of his kids.

Sunday Snapshot

Pop and Gam with the grands.

 Happy Birthday, POP!
We love you!


  1. Thanks for the great memory!! and great meal!! Had a very good time! Great day! Love you all too!!POP

  2. LOL! I think you're lucky all she helped herself to was a fondant dot! As I was reading I was fully expecting the whole cake to either be on the ground or a large amount in her mouth. What a cutie!

  3. Looks like a fun birthday celebration! I was expecting a big chunk missing from the cake too! Glad it was just the fondant dot! And what a cute cake. Sam's? Really? I've never seen anything like it at our Sam's! Thinking about y'all as you prepare for surgery this week.

  4. Thanks, for the prayers, Merrill. The doc's coordinators called my on Friday and said they had to reschedule due to the fact that ENT doc could not be there on that day...long story short they moved it to September. I said if you have to move it to September please put it during the Fall break and they did. SO at least during her surgery week, I will not have to worry about getting Karlie to her 2 "out" classes...and managing everyone's homework! But do please keep praying...thanks so much.


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