Thursday, December 6, 2012

We said Cheese!

Every year, my family despises the dreaded Christmas card photo. In fact I think they hate it with a passion if there is such a thing. This year, I thought instead of getting the tri-pod out and trying to do it ourselves, I would get a real photographer to do the job. However, getting a  family photo with Zach away at college has proved to be a challenge. THEN, my friend, Melissa told me about her son's girlfriend, an art major who has a photography business. In fact we used to go to the same church. AND she was available over Thanksgiving break when we were all at home. She even came to our house, got to love a photographer that will make house calls.
 We took photos by the barn and around our yard. 
She  brought awesome props and made us look cute. Would you believe, no one fussed. It's worth it to get a professional involved.
She took lots of photos, and made us feel at ease. We had a blast. I really loved all the photos she took; it was hard to chose the ones I loved best. Enjoy some of our favorites.

I loved our happy smiles in this one.
I love how the sun is shining through the trees, and how Billy's old house is in the distance.
Look at us! Color-coordinated, pleasant-faced, and eyes-opened! Woohoo.
Don't you love the expression on the big kids? Check out the look of satisfaction on Jolie's face.  She looks pleased that she has wrapped her sibs up in the lights.

My kiddos.
She captured our sassiness here.

If you need your picture snapped check out CAM photography. She is sure to capture your personality as you say ChEeSe!


  1. What fun! I can't believe how tiny your daughter is compared to your son. He looks like he could just break her in half.

    1. yES. My kids are all sizes, he is a big ole teddy bear, and she's tiny but tough and the other two are all up in the mix too. Got love it.

  2. Martha, these pics are GORGEOUS!!!

    1. Thanks...we had a lot of fun.

    2. oops that above comment was supposed to be me, didn't know Karlie was signed in! lol


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