Friday, December 21, 2012

Baking up a little Christmas Cheer

Christmas Holidays are finally here, and I've been promising the kiddos we would bake and decorate some goodies. I called Gam and Honey so we could all be in on the fun.
I noticed some of the goodies my bloggy friends had been making and decided we would add those to our Christmas goodie baking day.
 Caramels are one of our family favorites. AND the recipe looked easy and delicious. 
 And it really was!!! 
This recipe is definitely a keeper.
Next was Sarah's Buckeyes. I have enjoyed them in the past, but never made them myself. Thanks Sarah for the recipe. These were a hit with the family too.
Next we got out the tea cake recipe that's been used in our family for a very long time. This recipe belonged to former Governor of LA and our family started using this recipe years ago. 
 Here we are mixing it all up.
 When Jolie found out we were baking today, she hugged my legs and squealed with delight, "Thanks Momma!" She loves play dough so playing in the real thing that's actually edible was right up her alley. 
 Karlie brings all of the cookie sheets to the table.
 Cookie cutters
 Gam and Jolie pat the dough.
 Decorating with Sprinkles
 Honey joined in. She says, a baking pan is not any good until it looks like mine here. LOL
 I couldn't find an apron and Gam had flour on her from her head to her toe. See those AdvoCare boxes in the corner? We will be wrapping gifts in those soon. 
 Everyone had fun baking up some Christmas memories today. I loved trying new recipes, along with the old family favorites too. After all of the sweet eats, I'll be ready for a Challenge, join me?

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