Thursday, December 20, 2012

Million Dollar Smile

Almost two years ago, Karlie visited the Ortho for a braces consultation. Since we were headed to China at that time to get Jolie, it was decided to put those braces on as soon as we returned. For the past few years, Karlie has lived with the pains of braces.

Last month Dr. Nia gave her the good news that they were coming off in December, just five days before Christmas. What an awesome Christmas present.

Our appointment was at 930 this morning, for braces removal, retainer fitting and a cleaning. IT was a long appointment. I played with my phone until the battery died. Finally she came to the waiting room and we waited for the retainer, then she practiced putting it in and out. then we were on our way home.

Look At That Sweet Smile. Dr Nia said that smile looks like a million bucks. Her dad agrees with that in more ways than one.(justkidding). She'll be wearing a clear retainer for a while, but the braces are off. 


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