Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Belmont Christmas

Last weekend we made a mad dash to Belmont to see the famous Christmas in Belmont presentation. Even as much as I love music, and even as much as music is a major part of my life, I sometimes get bored at Christmas concerts. BUT not this one. It was probably 2 hours but it went by fast, I enjoyed every bit of it. I had some favorites. I am glad we were able to go. It will be on tv (PBS), around Christmas, but it will be last year's performance. SO we will have to wait a year to see the one that Zach is in, and even then he only sang in the last song. (there are so many groups, they have to spread the joy).

The program
A blurry photo of a small portion of those performing.

We also squeezed in some family fun and took the boy out to eat before we headed home the next day.
We went to Loveless Cafe, while we waited the guys played this game with bean bags.
Shek loves games.
The Hubster!
Shek said that this was us Duck Dynasty
Don't look at the mrs. claus (me) with her hand on Santa (the son)...that's just awkward, we are cute anyway. lol
Merry Christmas from  Nashville!

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