Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jolie's toddler shower!

Some friends of mine gave us a toddler shower. Lots of food, fun, and fellowship was had by all. Jolie enjoyed herself, and seemed to love every minute of it. Thanks to all my friends who were hostesses, brought food, and brought the many gifts. Your generosity overwhelmed us! Thanks so much!
My friends Kim and Sarah took some awesome photos of the event. There are so many good photos how to choose  the ones to share.

At first, Jolie was a little shy at meeting so many new friends.
But soon, she relaxed and enjoyed herself. I think here she seems to be saying, "For me?"
Great food!
Kim made this cake! Doesn't it look awesome?
Lots of friends!
More friends!
More friends!

Even more friends!

It took her a while to figure out this whole idea of unwrapping gifts, but she caught on quickly!
Excited about a new headband!
Unwrapping, it's fun!
Excited about a bunny! IT is the year of the rabbit!
4 Generations of girls!
A kitty! 
Also called a Meow, by Jolie.
Aww! This is too much fun!
Friends forever~with M&M's
Girls of all ages love chocolate!
Jolie exclaims, "Parties are fun! When can we start planning my birthday, Mom?"

Thanks y'all for a wonderful toddler shower for Jolie! Our cup runs over!
 "I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy." Phil. 1:3-4

Monday, March 28, 2011

1 month home...forever family day

1 month ago
I even wore the zebra jacket again to commemorate the event!
a month ago
Dad and Jolie 2/28/11
talking with dad a month later
napping by sis

 milk goatee
Hey! Zach is alright!
a KISS for Shek

During this month, there's been a lot of firsts for Jolie. She seems to have always been a Berry.  We love every minute of it! God has blessed our entire family  immensely!  We thank God for supernatural bonding and for His continued blessings! We praise Him! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Instag*ram fun

Ni Hao Yall

When we got home from China a little over 2 weeks ago, my sweet hubby took us down to the cell phone store to upgrade my phone...i was way over due. So now I have the new Iphone, I am the envy of all my family. LOL Sometimes I feel like my smart phone is too smart for me, especially when it corrects my texts and changes the entire meaning of the text. For example, my hubby sent me a text from his smartphone it said i love you yoko! I texted back and said yoko? He said he had originally written I love you too...LOL

Anyway, I am slowly but surely learning how to use my new fancy phone. The other day, I was reading this post from Pioneer Woman. She talked about this app for Iphone called Instag*ram. Since it was free, I added it to my phone...I had the most fun with it. My smart phone that is too smart for me is well worth all the trouble just for this one fun app.

Here's some of the photos that I have had fun with this weekend.
starring contest
listening to dad
Daddy and Jolie
Love my hubby!
Waaaaaar Eagle!
Oreo lover
Don't touch my wings!
A kiss for brother!

Here's Zach! He and his band have been playing at a Disciple Now all weekend and has not been around to get his photo snapped as much as the other kiddos. 

Instag*ram it's pretty fun! Get this application if you can and then you too can drive your family crazy with your constant photo taking, editing and uploading!

Check out what everyone else is up to over at Ni hao y'all

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Busy Week~A Busy Day!

Shek and Jolie like to play outside. She especially likes it when Shek "rides" her around on his scooter.
A big brother is awesome when a shoe falls off!
Someone was supposed to be getting ready for a bath, but turned up missing while mom got the bath water ready! FOUND playing the piano with Zach!
Karlie loves M&M's; Jolie loves M&M's...sister friends forever!
Playing with chalk outside is awesome fun!
Watching the weather at Honey's!
Dad needs moral support while he works!
We discovered that this China doll loves Mexican food...especially the cheese dip...and the rice and chips weren't bad in her book either. I think Pedros is a keeper on Jolie's "eat-out" list.
 Emily has been sleeping with Jolie at night. Is it a wonder that "Emmie" is one of her new words! Jolie loves her new blanket that Ms. Linda and Mrs. Phyetta gave her.
It's been a busy day, a busy's time for bed!

Black and White Wednesday~Jolie's 1st Ice Cream Cone

We are pretty sure that this is Jolie's first ice cream cone. You can read about it from a previous blogpost earlier this week.
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