Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day in the Life...or at least a few moments of it anyway.

Mom with oldest and youngest!
Jolie wen wen has done really well adjusting to her new family...she did have a hard time with Zach. It was heartbreaking to see her scream and hide her eyes when he walked by..but I had been praying and had all my prayer warrior friends praying...and yesterday...over a game of toss/rolling the ball on my bed she seemed to warm up to him..then he gave her his cell phone and I think that is what cemented the deal...She tends to like electronic things. Since yesterday afternoon, she has let him hold her, put her on her 'horsey toy, and she has given him 5 and laughed with him.

Jet lag has not been our friend, I think we are finally getting back in our groove today. We all slept 12 straight hours but are still waking up extremely  early. We were up at 530 am (very early for this night owl.)...but maybe I am turning over a new
Zach told us over breakfast before he went to his class this morning that we had to stop this getting up before the crack of dawn. I said well at least you get a good hearty breakfast before you go.

After breakfast, she had a bath. For a girl who screamed through the whole bath ordeal 2 weeks ago, she sure loves her bathtime now...especially the bubbles and the lotion afterwards. I asked her, Are you ready to get out? and she said No. (she understands our English and sometimes surprises us with an English answer...she also says a few Chinese phrases too.)
Fun in the tub!
2 weeks ago, I could barely get her to open her mouth to brush her teeth. Now she brings me the toothbrush.
She likes to brush her teeth by herself too.
Karlie had PURE fashion yesterday. Each girl had their hair and makeup done for a photo shoot. I didn't get a photo yesterday, this is one of those self portraits she took of her left over curls. 
Riding the horsey. She always wants her brothers or sister to help her get on and off of the horse.
"Helping" Karlie with her schoolwork!
Working at the table. She likes to draw. Gam bought her some of those special markers that only color on the special paper and nowhere else. I think those were a great invention. Thanks Crayola.

It's time to get some schooling done! Have a great day!


  1. Karlie is such a lovely girl! And I'm SO enjoying reading about Jolie and her new life with y'all. Glad y'all are home, safe and sound, and everybody is thankfully making the adjustments back to "American time." :) Prayers continuing for you all.

    Marty Connerly

  2. That's so exciting! she is just adorable!!

  3. LOVE those bath pictures! What a doll she is.
    Jo Anna Freeman


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