Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On the road again...

On the road again...I just can't wait to get on the road again....

Tomorrow we leave for home. I can hardly believe it's time to go. We have enjoyed visiting China, but most importantly we have enjoyed meeting our daughter and getting to know her more each day. She has such a sweet sweet personality.

Jolie Wen Wen has such a sweet loving personality. We thank God for matching her with our family.
This photo is a group of women celebrating their holiday...awaiting for the boat ride.

Last night our group went on a trip down the Pearl River. Our guide told us that it was a holiday in China: Women's Day. On our way out of our hotel we saw a group of Chinese women dressed in traditional Chinese dresses. They were getting a group photo made. I should have taken a photo too, but I didn't. They were beautiful.

Our guide told us that since it was woman's day that the boat cruise would be booked and crowded. She said when I tell you to go to the buffet, GO! She wasn't joking either. I have never experienced anything quite like the buffet on the boat. It was far worse than any group of Baptist at a Potluck, or a dinner on the ground. We have a buffet breakfast every morning at the hotel...but I was not prepared for the shoving and pushing and all that was going on in the buffet line..All of our group were amazingly shocked! LOL.
Our family on the river boat cruise before the mad dash to the buffet table. Too bad China King wasn't the caterers! lol
Even though the food buffet experience was a little shocking ...the view of Guangzhou was breathtaking. There are lights on many of the buildings and bridges.
This was one of the boats that we passed. 
On top of the boat checking out all the sights.
Tall Tv tower. It changes colors every 2 seconds.

Today, We went to the zoo. Rebecca arranged for us to be taken around in golf carts to see the high points and then we could walk to wherever we liked best. At certain spots on  the golfcart ride we could get out and take a few photos. It was rainy today so we all had our finally started raining hard and we all called it quits early. We had a group photo made of our entire group including our guide when we got back to our hotel. I don't have that photo yet. I will post it when I get it in email.
She wore her giraffe bow and capris for the zoo trip although you really can't see the whole cute outfit here.
This is a Liger...part tiger part lion...Jolie said,"Meow~Meow" when she saw this guy.
They "hugged-up" and everything for this photo...isn't it sweet?
She was very excited about the animals.

Here we are by the Tiger display. Many of the animals are in cages behind bars. A few of them  were in more natural looking habitats. 
Shek and I both wore our Auburn attire today. So he says, Go Tigers~War Eagle! LOL
It's the year of the rabbit...and bunny/rabbit displays are found in many places. Jolie's looking at us like why did you roll me up here by these pink bunnies?
It was a little rainy we all called it a day and came back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we exit China for our return trip home. Thank you everyone for tuning into our blog and joining us on  our journey. Please pray for us as we start packing up our bags this afternoon, and as we head out tomorrow. Please agree with us in Jesus' Name for traveling mercy, for favor with GOD and man. For the rough places made smooth...for a happy traveling baby, kids, and mom and dad. As the song says, "He's never failed me, yet...." and as I like to add...He "ain't" gonna start failing me now.

To God Be the Glory
Great things He has Done!
See ya in the USA!


  1. Amen and Amen!! Can't wait to see you in the USA! Praying and Love you all!! Mom and Pop

  2. Praying for y'all...nope, God will NOT fail you now. Absolutely; to God be the glory!

    Don't you love the Pearl River cruise?! Aside from Ladybug joining our family, one of my favorite "to-do"s on our trip. (Didn't go to the zoo...some in our group did though).

  3. I was praying this morning especially for an easy traveling little lady. The trip home from anywhere is when I wish I could have one of those transporters from Star Trek! We will continue to pray for safety and good travels.

  4. Shannon and the EaglesMarch 9, 2011 at 11:26 PM

    We are praying for you each step of the way! God is so good and He is going to take care of this too! We can't wait to meet Jolie Wen Wen. She is so precious and fits perfectly in your family. Have a great trip home!

  5. I had forgotten about that mad rush to the buffet! By the time we got through there was very little food left. I hope the traveling is going well and that the adjustment to the time changes happens quickly! It took over two weeks for Rylee to start really sleeping at night.

  6. Oh, my goodness, then WELCOME HOME!!!
    How great that you all were able to book your return mid week! And I join you in loving China and wanting to stay and being torn to want to be home, home, home.
    Hope your flights were smooth and that someone turned on the heat in your house... brrr tonight.
    Sleep and nap and sleep and nap and savor this time settling in all together.
    Thank you for sharing your journey,


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