Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rain Rain GO away...we want to play like we did yesterday!

This getting up before daylight is not so bad. Jolie has been getting up a few mins. before 5am...It's nice to get a head start on school work. Today is a rainy day and Karlie was headed on a field trip with her class where she takes a few courses "out". After delivering her to the bus we came back home and got a very early start on school. It was nice to look out the window this morning and see all that school traffic and realize that we were almost done with school. I think we are going to keep on with this new early morning tradition. We will probably have to anyway since Miss Jolie tends to be done with sleep before the rooster wakes!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and we had fun outside!

Shek enjoyed swinging Jolie.
She loved it.
We think this was her first swinging experience, but we
 are not sure.
She loves playing outside. Her referral mentioned it as well as her caregivers. You should have heard her squeals of delight while playing with the ball.
Taking the ball to Shek.
Daddy and Jolie playing ball.

Riding in the car. She likes her car seat now...I think in this photo there was a little sisterly hair tug.
This morning these 3 sat on the couch waiting for breakfast.

It's time to go get some child safety locks for the cabinets...we're on our way now!

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  1. LOVE looking at your pictures! It is really amazing seeing the changes in Jolie since she became a Berry Baby. Thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog! Jo Anna Freeman


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