Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time for a new "do"

We have not had internet since Saturday morning.( I was able to connect through my phone...so it wasn't as bad as it could have been). LOL Let me tell you what, this blogging girl was having a little withdrawal. I couldn't do the Sunday Snapshot at Ni ha Y'all, I couldn't check emails, and even some of our school work had to be put on  hold till AT&T finally got the problem fixed. We called everyday, and everyday the same ole answer...tomorrow it should be fixed. Today, I asked for a credit, and told them that as a homeschooling parent and that my husband worked from home Wed.- Fri. that they were really putting me in  a bind. They said they understood my  feelings...I don't think they really understood...because they had internet. Anyway....mid morning it came back on! So KB can work from home tomorrow - Friday without going into the office....and I can get to cracking on those assignments that needed that internet tomorrow.....

 BUT...in the meantime, we went to Gina's for our haircuts.

Gina fixes Karlie's hair...and has styled, cut and colored it since she was about 4!

Today was Jolie's first hair cut in America. She has had her hair cut before we have the photos of the crew cuts to prove it. We are letting her hair grow out, but she needed her bangs trimmed and an overall shape-up.  Later, during Gam's haircut, Gina got out the buzzers to shave up Gam's neck...from across the room, Jolie came back to Gina, pulled back her shirt to show her neck for the buzzers...We all laughed knowing that the buzzers have been the frequent used scissors for Jolie's hair cuts in China...lol

Gina cut my hair first and then put a cape on Jolie and she sat in my lap. She didn't seem to mind her hair trim a bit and wasn't too squirmy.
Trimming the bangs.
Gina wanted me to  hold her head steady.

Jolie says, "That wasn't bad at all!"
We looked in the mirror and said," Aww, you look beautiful!"

Jolie says, "Thank You, Mrs. Gina!"


  1. Beautiful all the way around!!! Yay! :)

  2. Beautiful indeed! And what a fun mom & sisters day at the hair salon!

  3. Oh man! I was thinking and daydreaming about getting my hair done before reading this post and now? I really want to go! Hope I end up as beautiful as you girls :)


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