Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Our agency sent us a list of things to do before we leave the country. It was just a list to help us jog our memory for things we might forget to do...like arrange for mail pickup, stop the paper (which we do not receive), pay the bills(aww do we have to?), and get a haircut. Getting a haircut; now that's an easy thing to check off the list. We go see Ms. Gina every 5 weeks. She has cut our family's hair for over 10 years. Gina has a great hair salon in her home. She is an encourager, prayer partner, and a friend. When I get my hair cut at Gina's we catch up on what our kids are into, we talk about Jesus and spiritual things. Getting your hair cut is good for the soul.

Karlie loves the highlights....
Shek always wants his hair spiked by Ms. Gina.
What would we do without Ms. Gina? She has us all styled and ready to go. Thanks Gina! You're the best!

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  1. Love that haircuts were on the list! Wish that had been on my list way back in 2004. It was months after that before I found the time for a haircut.


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