Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday Snapshot...Go Ahead...Make My Day

Only 4 more days...can you believe it? Three years ago this month, we experienced a miscarriage...I looked at Karl  a few days after that and said ,"I would like us to either get an English Bulldog or for us to adopt a baby girl from China...and I'd rather adopt, please pray about it." He did pray and here we are about to leave for China to adopt Jolie Elise FanWen. We started the adoption process with Small World in TN last February. We have been "paper pregnant" for almost a full year. God is good!

This time next week, we are scheduled for a tour in Beijing. We plan to see the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Birds nest, and several other great spots in Beijing. SO, if we are going to be ready we had better get packing. We have several "packing piles" around the house.
Here are some of our bags...I don't think our biggest bags are big enough for all this stuff! LOL

This is Jolie's bed packed down with her "stuff"...we can't take all of this, but we think we "need" a majority of  it! When I get it all packed I will finally see her cute little baby bedding on her toddler bed.
Karlie and I packed Jolie's outfits in ziplock bags complete with socks, hair bow...the works. There's so much to do and I am just sitting here drinking coffee, watching tv, and blogging...what am I waiting on? LOL

Berry Bliz now has 21 followers. It's very encouraging to us to have folks follow our journey. I know for us it has been fun to follow other families' adoption journeys. It's nice to hear from other families who have BTDT. So, please, go ahead and MAKE MY DAY ~ follow my blog!!! Your encouragement and prayers means a great deal to us.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Am so excited to be following your trip to China. My daughter & family got home Christmas Eve with their second little girl from China! Got your blog address because you followed her blog! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about it from your perspective!
    In Christian Love,
    Grandma to 5 (2 from China)

  2. Can you believe you will be on the other side of the world seeing the sights in just one short week?!! Absolutely mind-boggling. Enjoy every moment and blog, blog, blog. Your life is about to change in a wonderful way.

  3. Oh how very exciting! I can't wait to follow along and re-live our trip through yours :) So funny that you are packing all that stuff - we did the same and then ended up buying almost everything we needed for Rylee there. Make sure you leave room for all your treasures! We tried to buy something from China to give her for each of Rylee's birthdays until she is 18. She really treasures these gifts. What an incredible experience, enjoy every moment as you soak in this amazing adventure.


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