Saturday, February 5, 2011


This is only a test to see if I can actually update my blog from email. I wanted to make sure I had a back up plan to update the blog from China if I can't do it the regular way!

We have our tickets purchased for China and our way back home, but the rest of the in-China details are not worked out yet, but shortly I hope to post the itinerary. 

God is amazing! He always is...He said He would be working miracles...and getting that CA and TA at the same time has been one of His precious miracles....

Another little happy from Him is the sweet email that was forwarded to me from my home church; First Baptist, Brookhaven, MS. This is the church where I accepted Christ at age 13, was baptized, and where Karl and I  were married. I have sweet memories of this church. We moved away from there almost 21 years ago. They have put us on their prayer chain and are praying for our adoption, travel and transition. It was very encouraging to me that they thought of us and are praying for us. It's nice to be remembered and prayed for after all these years.

We are still getting "ready" to friend Lorene, gave me a tape and handout of Chinese for the adoptive parent. It is full of helpful phrases like: I am your mommy; We are your mommy and daddy and many other helpful phrases that our daughter will probably understand even if she's not speaking all of these phrases herself. I was practicing these phrases today at HOME of Fine arts with my friend Shannon...and she laughed and said maybe I should find a cassette player so that I could make sure I had the pronunciation correct...She said I seemed to be putting a little of my "southern accent" on those Chinese phrases...and Jolie might not understand me....LOL

Let's see if this test works...I leave you with our updated Adoption TIMELINE:
Referral        9/20/2010
LOI                9/20/2010
PA                  9/29/2010
LOA             11/24/2010
I-800           12/17/2010
NVC              1/6/2011
Article 5       1/20/2011
TA                1/27/2011
CA                 3/8/2011
Travel dates: Leave for China Feb 24 return home March 12

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