Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~~11 days

Things are getting exciting around our house! We are getting ready to go get our girl. In 11 more days we will be leaving on a jet plane!

Our paper Chain of days till China!

In the meantime, while we wait until time to go we keep ourselves busy with our 'regular routine'. This weekend, we enjoyed the annual RA derby race. 
Here are Shek and his friends sitting by the track to watch their derby cars race the track.

Shek waits to see if his car will win...(it didn't).

Shek with his car that he made for the race with help from dad and pop. No trophies this year, but it was a fun experience for him.

Today is the 13th of Feb. so after church and lunch...we went to Targ*t with the rest of our county to buy last minute valentine gifts.
Me and my Valentine!

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  1. Great post and what a cool family! :)

  2. Love the paper chain! Almost to single digits!


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