Friday, February 25, 2011

We have arrived!

After a long day of traveling on two flights,we arrived in our Beijing hotel last night at 10:15ish. The kids slept some on the plane, but Karl and I did not get much sleep. We were glad it was night time when we got here...However, we are up and wide awake at 3:48am so why not update the blog? However, a side-note....9 year olds recharge quicker than the rest of us!LOL

 Our 14 hour flight on Korean Air was really nice...They moved us to the front of the line because we were traveling with children. (God is so good!) They gave a bag of fun stuff to the kids. They gave us lots of snacks and juice...our lunch even came with directions on how to "put it together"...Karlie didn't eat much...thank goodness for trail mix and nabs. 
 We were bright eyed!
 Waiting to go.
 Journey proud!
 We did a little people watching too! We were sneaky with our photo!
Karlie ready to board the plane.

Today we visit the Great wall and various other places. Please continue to pray for us. GOD is good!


  1. Was great to hear from you all and know you were there. Have a great sight seeing day!! Can't wait to see Jolie in the flesh!! Praise God for the safe journey and that He is in charge!!--also for skpe!! just grand to actually see and hear!!
    Love to all Mom and Pop

  2. I've been praying for you guys..... been on my heart on & off all day today & yesterday!

  3. Praying that ALL goes well and according to God's perfect plan. Have a wonderful time with your family and trip home with Jolie. Judy

  4. Welcome to CHINA!!!
    Sounds like a joyful adventure though tiring.
    You'll be waking up around 4 every day. And just when you get used to it... poof! East Coast time again.
    It does give you time to center yourself for the day.
    Enjoy your tours and nap and sleep well.
    Looking forward to sharing your joy in just two more sleeps, right?!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you all I can hardly stand it!! :) Enjoy your sight seeing days - the calm before the storm as I fondly remember those couple of days before Rylee joined our family and took over! You are in my prayers!

  6. takes me back to last year. BTW, we flew Korean Air also.


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