Saturday, February 26, 2011

Berrys in Beijing

Today we ate an early breakfast and left with a tour group of about 12 people at 745am. It had snowed and was COLD, but the tour happened anyway. We had on our layers, and we walked carefully in the snow. It was an enjoyable day, but I am glad to be back at the hotel to thaw out.

Our bus driver was a great driver...he had a horn and he knew how to use it. They seem to drive much more aggressively here than in Atlanta, but we arrived safely. Pedestrians do not have the right of way here...LOL they get horns blown at them. Right now as I type this, I am hearing a chorus of horns blowing.

Today we toured several places; Ming tombs, The Jade factory and we ate lunch there, then we went to The Great Wall, visited the Silk museum, and rode by the Birds Nest Olympic Stadium. Our first stop this morning was to the MING tombs. Our tour guide known as Andy said that he wanted to save the Great Wall for after lunch so that it would be a few degrees warmer.

 Ming Tombs...Yes it was snowing!
 Great wall
 Great Wall
 Where in the world is the  HENRY CO. TIMES? It is with us at the Great Wall. We will take another photo with this paper when we get Jolie.
 WE saw a lot of people using these brooms to sweep off the snow today.
 Antique silks
 Karl was one of the volunteers from our travel group to stretch the silk.
 View from our window
 Bikes! Even in the snow...
 Breakfast in was so cold when we passed these outdoor vendors.
 Cute little taxi
 The. Squatty. Potty! I've  heard about it, I have seen photos of it, but nothing prepares you for it until you are face to floor with it. There's a lot more to say about it, but I'll save that for another day.
Ming Tombs

At the Ming Tombs
 Our guide Andy with the Emperor in the background.
 Shek at the Jade museum. I think he liked this best. He took photos of all the jade carvings...He wanted his picture made with the eagle of course! WAR EAGLE!
 Jade fish bowl?
 Great Wall. 
 More Great Wall
 We rode the cable car up. It was very slippery on the walkways. The workers were busy shoveling and sweeping the snow away.
Me and the kiddos at the great wall

 Karl and me
 More Great Wall
 These workmen and women worked hard to sweep and shovel away all the snow to make the steps and pathways safer. I still walked like an old woman on the steps...I don't see how the workers cleared it with out falling themselves.
Another shot of Karl helping to spreading the silk out at the Silk museum

Karlie thawing out after a cold day touring Beijing.
The After photo of our first full day in China.


  1. Wow! You guys had a busy day. I can't believe you had snow........ I know nothing about Chinese weather, but I was envisioning hot & more hot!

    Can't wait to see the pics you post of Jolie! Still praying for y'all......

  2. So excited for y'all. I know y'all can't wait but are enjoying seeing the beauty of China! :)

  3. Sunday midday now, so maybe you are on your way to her capital. Stay warm and keep taking photos ;)
    Thanks for sharing, and have a joyous countdown these last 24 hours before you hug her!

    (it was mid 60's here today)

  4. Hi!This is Brad Barnetts sister Kim in MS.I was on Facebook and I seen one of your photos that came with someones post so I clicked on it and it was y'all.I didn't know if you remembered me but Brad and Karl have always been real good friends and when I was a little girl Mrs. MarlaJo used to take me home with her sometimes.She was really sweet.Are you or have you adopted children in China?I think that is great!I am Kim Sills on Facebook and I have a blog called post photos on my blog about animals mostly.Love the photos of China.Your children are cute!


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