Tuesday, February 8, 2011


For those of you who do not know we have a vineyard in our front yard --several rows of scuppernongs and muscadines. We like to make jelly with our crop.  We do have some regular return pickers who come every year to pick to make their own jelly/preserves and what not. Every year the vines have to be cut back by February, Karl has tried to get it done, but the weather has not been very cooperative and all the vines might not get their annual clipping. Shek was out there with Karl a couple of weekends ago and they were able to get a couple of rows done. I guess Scuppernongs have been on Shek's mind lately because this morning on the way to get a "Travel Shot" for Shek, he kept requesting to hear the  Scuppernong Song. I said, Scuppernong song?, what are you talking about?...he then preceded to sing a bar of it for me to the tune of "Summer Nights" by Rascal Flatts. Karlie and I laughed and laughed. After we recovered from our laughter I switched the cd to "summer nights" we had fun singing it with a slight change of words to "scuppernongs!
We have been listening to "Summer Nights" a lot lately...because we are so over the winter weather. Shek has heard his dad stress over getting those vines cut back before the China trip so naturally he "heard" Scup-per-nong in the song instead of Sum-mer Nights. From now on, I will chuckle every time I hear that Rascal Flatts song.

Our vines in summer
These rows look endless when you have to clip them back or
when you have to pick them.

This is Shek's bucket of Scuppernongs from several summers ago.

Karlie and Shek pickin' several summers ago.

Sing it with me now, ".......So holler if you're ready for some Scup-per-nongs!"

They'll be ready late August early September!

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