Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great Adoption Book ~~ Motherbridge of Love

As homeschoolers we find ourselves at the library a lot! In fact the librarians know us all by our first names! We always have books and dvds on hold or coming to us from other libraries. Since we have been on the road to adoption we have checked out many books to help prepare us for the adoption journey as well as learn about China culture. You name it we have checked it out and probably had to pay a late return fee too. LOL

 Recently, I heard about a book by Xinran. It was a book describing stories from the Chinese mothers' perspective and the heartbreak that these women have had to go through in giving up their children. That specific book was not in the Pines Library system in our state, but I checked out every other book that she had written. The sweetest  Children's book about Chinese adoption arrived. This book was published by Mother Bridge of Love which is a charity founded by Xinran.  The poem that was illustrated in this book was anonymously submitted to the charity of Mother Bridge of Love. It was illustrated by Josee Masee. The poem has a sweet message encouraging the celebration of love and family and bridging the gap between birth parent and adoptive parent. I want to order this book so that I can share this with our daughter as she grows.

This beautiful book is a must have for our family! I hope you enjoy the few photos I took of the book to share with you.

This page says: "once there were two women who never knew each other, one you do not know. The other you call Mother.

I skipped a few pages over...this one says: " The first gave you a need for love; the second was there to give it.

 "One saw your first sweet smile; the other dried your tears."
 "One found a home for you that she could not provide."
"The other prayed for a child; her hope was not denied."

There are several other beautifully illustrated pages to this sweet poem that I did not share here. So check out this book today from your local library or order one for your family. I have to check this one in this week. I hate to let this one go. 

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