Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday snapshot~ makeup-makeover?

A few weeks ago we were in JCPENNEY and since Karlie loves make-up she wanted to check out the Sephora makeup while we were there. She even bought some cute hello kitty eye pencils that day. While we were there they were doing a promotion for a free makeover using a new line called tokidoki. The packaging on the makeup looked rather bazaar to me...very cartoon character like. Come to find out the makeup and it's characters are from some cartoon artist that was asked to do the makeup line. I figured it was more for the younger set...not that I am not young or anything...but I am not cartoon young...anyway the makeup girls assured me that  it was for us grown girls too. SO we made our appointments.  We got there at 1220 our appointment was at 1230 and we waited for the chairs to clear for our turn. We were given cards to chose from  the featured looks. I chose the one with blue eyeshadow and red lips...and karlie chose the green eyed pink lipped girl. I really liked the red lip gloss that they used on me...but the name of it was "devil girl" and I ain't wearing nothing called devil girl cause I am Jesus' girl...we had fun..but didn't buy anything...we can get our makeup cheaper at the drugstore with sales and it was a fun girl thing to go do!

Karlie waiting in the make-up chair.

Karlie getting some green eyeshadow!

Karlie's make-up~the finished product!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. PS I laughed about the Devil Girl lip gloss!

  2. What a sweet girl! :) They grow up so fast! :)

  3. Beautiful before and after!!! :) What a fun memory!

  4. I'm w/ you. I don't think I could buy & wear "devil girl" lip gloss. However, Miss Karlie looks beautiful. Where are your makeover pictures?

  5. what a beautiful girl! my daughter loves having make over , but I think all girls do :)


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